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  • Step-Up FAQ

    When can I register my child for classes?

    You will receive an email notice if you have submitted your contact information to the Director. Also, we will post a notice on the main page when registration begins.

    When do classes start for the fall semester?

    Fall classes start in September and Spring classes start in January. As soon as an exact date is determined, registration will be open for about six days prior to the start of classes. You will be notified via email. This will also be posted on the main page.

    Can cyber school students participate in Step-Up?

    Yes. We have many cyber students in our program.

    How do we participate in the Step-Up Enrichment Program?

    Below are the steps to participate in the Step-Up Enrichment Program:

    • Send your contact information to the Step-Up Director via the Contact Form.
    • When registration opens, a link will appear on the main page. The course list and online registration will then be available for you and your child(ren). Please submit a class registration form for each child by selecting the level in which your child falls into and selecting the courses for him or her. 
    • Once registered, please sign the Release of Liability form located under Registration Forms and return it to Step-Up with your check to cover the family registration of $25 and all of the course costs (no. of courses x cost). These items must be received prior to the first day of class. 
    • After we receive your Release of Liability and payment, we will send a registration packet in the mail with name tags, parking pass, and other information prior to the first class. 
    • Show up for class for the period that you registered. All classes are held on the Saint Vincent College campus . Most classes are in Alfred Hall, except for Preschool, Drama and Dance. 
    • There will be an information table in the lobby of Alfred for the STEP-UP Program every Friday afternoon. 
    • Directions to Saint Vincent College can be found by clicking here
    • Please hang the parking pass in your car each week. You may park in Area A if there are no spaces near Alfred or the Basilica.

    Where do I take my child on the first day?

    Parents may escort children directly to the first class. If there is a question or concern about the location of class, please stop by the STEP-UP information table in the lobby of Alfred Hall. This entrance is located to the left of the Basilica. Walk up the OLD entrance to the College (cement driveway leading to campus with two concrete pillars and black rod iron gates, left of the Basilica) and Alfred Hall is the building on the left. There is an overpass hallway above the entrance to Alfred. There will be someone at the information table to help you.