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    Step-Up Enrichment Program

    A video overview of the  Step-up Enrichment program.

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  • Step-Up Enrichment Program

    Please see the following website for this term’s Step-Up Program classes and information: Step-Up Enrichment Program 

    During the spring and fall semesters, homeschooled students from local communities participate in the Step-Up Enrichment Program. The one-hour enrichment courses are held in various locations on the campus of Saint Vincent College every Friday afternoon. These courses are designed and taught by college students who are enrolled in the teacher certification program. Classes are offered from Preschool to Grade Twelve.

    The goals of the Step-Up Program are to:
    1) Familiarize nontraditional students with the educational process.
    2) Encourage social interaction with other home-schooled students in the area.
    3) Enrich the learning experience of nontraditional students through a variety of interesting enrichment units taught by college students in the field of education who aspire to be teachers.
    4) Offer assistance and support to home-school families in meeting instructional needs to meet requirements for their specific curricular goals.

    The Step-Up Program offers...

    • a unique and exciting opportunity for homeschoolers to interact with other students who share common interests.
    • an opportunity for homeschoolers to transition into college classroom settings and reduce anxiety when planning for college.
    • pre-service instructors the chance to teach the courses in a required field experience. These college students hold a 3.0 GPA or higher, and must have criminal and child abuse clearances before entering into a classroom.
    • homeschoolers the opportunity to choose courses specifically designed to meet their interests while meeting curriculum requirements.

    Online registration on the STEP-UP website is available for parents to register their children for up to three classes each semester. Just follow the registration link to the left. Class sizes are limited, so homeschooled students are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.