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    Jason Seidling and David Geier SVC Success
    Jason Seidling & David Geier - SVC Success
     Jason Seidling (C'07) and David Geier (C'12), communication graduates of Saint Vincent College, both started their careers with the Pittsburgh Steelers and now work full-time with the Pittsburgh Penguins. See how Jason and Dave manage their day-to-day operations with the education they received from SVC.
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    School of Social Sciences, Communication, and Education
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  • The School of Social Sciences, Communication and Education


    Teaching ElementaryThe mission of the School of Social Sciences, Communication and Education of Saint Vincent College is to achieve distinction in undergraduate education as well as graduate education in select disciplines housed within the School. The faculty, students, staff and administration constitute a thoughtful, learning community devoted to educational excellence. Resting upon a foundation in the Benedictine, Catholic liberal arts tradition, the School has a distinctive concern with providing students a full understanding of human beings and their development, both as individuals and as members of groups and social institutions. Students shall acquire both knowledge and skill in the scientific process and a developed ethical sense as it applies to the content of the school’s programs. The School promotes personal and intellectual growth, encourages an awareness of human similarities and differences, advances a sense of social responsibility, develops the foundation for professional competence, and deepens spiritual values in keeping with the Catholic and Benedictine character of Saint Vincent College. To this end, the School encourages outreach to the community and the practical application of knowledge toward the good of society in the fields of social sciences, communication, and education.

  • Objectives

    The School of Social Sciences, Communication, and Education seeks to prepare students to be:

    • Effective professionals in a range of chosen fields. 
    • Thoughtful contributors to the intellectual and scholarly world.

    As part of Saint Vincent College, the School of Social Sciences, Communication, and Education educates students in the liberal arts tradition so that they are well prepared for successful and rewarding lives. Our programs not only advance your knowledge in specific subject areas, they also encourage and develop analytical and critical thinking, problem solving, writing, and technological skills.