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    The Fred Rogers Scholars

    A program that will educate and inspire those students interested in pursuing careers involving children, early learning and media.

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    Fred Rogers Scholars Program
    Melissa A. Cook, Director
    Phone: 724-805-2589


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  • Plan of Activities for Four Year Fred Rogers Scholars Program

    theme  Orientation to Fred Rogers & the Fred Rogers Center (FRC)  Research methods and service learning initiative  Internship and prepare for thesis  Research project completed 
    Orientation to Fred Rogers Center (FRC) & FRS program Aug. Orientation,   archive introduction      
    Annual project   Service Learning initiative -Begin research thesis/bibliography       
    -faculty advisor identified
    Senior Research project
    Trips Children’s Museum/CMU/ Toonseum WQED/FRCo As identified Out of state trip NYC/Boston…
    FRC (early career & senior) fellows TBA…each fall and spring TBA…each fall and spring TBA…each fall and spring TBA…each fall and spring
    Course work Spring suggested: Children & the Media Suggested: research methods class in discipline of choice Summer internship (with or without credit) 1-3 credits for independent research project
    Conferences   Attend Fred Forward National Association for the Education of Young Children, Pittsburgh Association for the Education of Young Children, and others. Attend Fred Forward
    Presentations       Present research during SVC Undergrad Student Research Conference