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  • Applying to the Honors Program


     /uploadedImages/Majors_and_Programs/Special_Programs/Honors_Program/Content/honors program application.jpgAcceptance to the Honors Program at Saint Vincent College will based on your academic work, along with evidence of the your motivation to pursue challenging course work. If you are not initially accepted to the program, you can reapply at a later date using additional materials. 

    As an applicant, you will be required to submit the following materials with his or her name on each item. 

    1. A cover letter addressed to the Honors program, simply stating your intention to apply and listing the materials included in your application.  
    2. A short essay (maximum 600 words) detailing why you would like to join the Honors Program. Your essay should focus on your interest in being part of a community of students who: 
      • Explore and discuss original works and commentary. 
      • Share a commitment to a vigorous intellectual life by investing a significant effort in research, writing and other forms of creative expression. 
      • Integrate cultural events and independent scholarly work. 
    3. An original essay, which you produced for a course you have taken and which you believe is representative of your academic ability. You should submit an original or duplicated copy; in either case, your submission should include the evaluation and grade you received from the teacher and should indicate the course for which it was produced.  The submitted work should not be a collaborative project, nor should it be a mere research report that primarily strings together quoted sources and does not include substantial portions of original writing.  
    4. Two letters of recommendation from two teachers or professors. It is recommended that you download the Honors Program brochure to include with your recommendation form.  

    We look forward to receiving your application and welcome you into the Honors Program!