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  • The Honors Program Experience


    Our professors design classes in the Honors Program to challenge and reward students who seek substantial intellectual development in college. The quality, not the quantity, of work distinguishes Honors classes from other courses. As part of your course work in Honors classes, you will be required to submit a short reflective essay and sample of your work at the end of each Honors course.

    The Honors Program provides a special, congenial setting for your intellectual growth, both during classes and extracurricular events. Activities include:

    • /uploadedImages/Majors_and_Programs/Special_Programs/Honors_Program/Content/Honors Program NGT.jpgDinner and evening discussions or readings, films, art exhibits, etc.
    • Attending plays, films and art exhibits together
    • Extended trips within the U.S. and even abroad during semester breaks


    During previous semesters, Honors students discussed current science issues over dinner with Bill Nye (The Science Guy), astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson (right) and Joanne Rogers (widow of the late Fred Rogers), and participated in poetry readings and discussions with faculty. Students of the Honors Program have also traveled to New York City and driven to Washington, D.C., for a behind-the-scenes tour of the Supreme Court.

    Honors students in majors with a senior research or capstone project will be strongly encouraged to present their work – both in a special colloquium at Saint Vincent College and at professional meetings in their research areas.