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    Dennis D. McDaniel, PhD
    Associate Professor and Chair, English Department
    Director, Interdisciplinary Writing Program
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  • Interdisciplinary Writing

    Through the Interdisciplinary Writing Program, college faculty strive to improve students' reading, thinking, and writing skills by providing students with more and better writing instruction. Faculty from the sciences, business disciplines, social sciences, and humanities have collaborated on grading standards and teaching methods and implement them in Writing Designated (WD) courses. Students who enroll in WD courses encounter the following:

    • Instruction from trained faculty
    • Enrichment in the Six Principles of Good Writing and the Three Stages of Good Writing Practice.
    • Discipline-specific reading assignments
    • Paper assignments that incorporate ideas and information from various sources
    • Sequenced paper assignments that develop writing and thinking skills
    • Opportunities to revise papers based upon peer reviews or instructor feedback