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  • Customizing Your Saint Vincent Education

    Through a variety of special academic programs, students can find the challenges, skills, and support they need to meet their full potential. The Honors Program is open to both new and matriculated students. Honors students will find Honors courses within the core curriculum that provide interactive, seminar-style courses and thought-provoking extra-curricular experiences including travel opportunities. Many faculty participate in the Interdisciplinary Writing Program and offer Writing Designated courses that provide writing instruction with various disciplines.

    Every first-year student will have a first-year seminar – a course that fulfills a core curriculum requirement, builds essential academic skills, and introduces students to the Saint Vincent College learning community. The Collaborative Learning Program (CLP) offers students in the sciences weekly sessions that reinforce key concepts being taught in their courses. Our Academic Support Services provide a variety of services to help all students succeed to their fullest potential.