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  • Saint Vincent College 2012 Commencement 
    Ticket Reservation Form—Phase 2 

    Please fill out the form below completely to request your additional tickets for the Saint Vincent College 2012 Winter Commencement ceremony. We will accommodate as many requests as possible.

    Graduate's Name:  
    Email Address:   
    Number of additional ceremony tickets requested:   
    If you have not requested your initial ticket allotment, you may NOT use this form. Please contact the Office of Event and Conference Services at 724-532-5030 immediately.  
    I plan to attend the reception after the ceremony:   
    Special Needs Request:   
    Please select special needs request from the drop-down menu. Please be aware that wheelchairs are not available for use on site. If your request is not included in the drop-down menu, please email commencement@email.stvincent.edu. use on site. If you are bringing a wheelchair, please indicate in this request. 
    Additional Notes: