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  • Pope Francis 

    “In the face of the prospect
    of an ever more extended
    multi-cultural environment,
    attitudes must be assumed of
    mutual respect to foster encounter…”

    “Today more than ever it is
    necessary to illumine peoples’
    journey with Christian
    principles, taking the
    opportunities that the present
    situation offers to develop an
    evangelization that, with new
    language, renders Christ’s
    message more comprehensible.”

    —Pope Francis

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  • The New Evangelization and Higher Education:

    The Vision of Pope Francis

    “May the Church be a place of God’s mercy and hope, where all feel
    welcomed, loved, forgiven and encouraged...” —Pope Francis

    Cardinal Donald Wuerl   Carolyn Woo  Bishop Robert Barron 

    May 23 - 25, 2016

    “The Church which ‘goes forth’ is a community of missionary disciples... who bear fruit and rejoice. ”
    —Pope Francis

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    “Pope Francis’ visit to the United States has touched each of us in so many ways through words, gestures and that indelible twinkle in his eyes whenever he is with people. There is much to unpack in our own journey of faith. I want to begin with the moniker affectionately given to him, the “People’s Pope.” He is not just the Catholic Pope, the Christian Pope, the Pope of believers, but he is “Holy Father” to everyone. He directs His message of God’s limitless love and mercy to all, including prisoners, the lowliest in society. There is no “they” in his lexicon. There is only the part in each of us which strays from God’s grace and the part of us that seeks God despite our own hardness. At the last Mass in Philadelphia, Pope Francis urges us not to be afraid, but to take courage, wander out , seek dialogue, encounter, and listen.”

    —Dr. Carolyn Woo

    “…Science and technology have brought mankind enormous progress, but science and technology by themselves will not save us. Grounded in the material, they ultimately do not provide the hope that we need. Science without ethics, art without spirituality, technology without human moral values, materiality without transcendence remain branches in search of a vine. All the branches must be connected to the vine of truth and this includes revealed truth, God’s Word. Part of our rootedness, part of the plant, part of the whole arrangement, if you will, includes the spiritual dimension of human life with the moral values that follow on realization that we do not live by bread alone.”

    —Cardinal Donald Wuerl

    “Christianity is not a set of private convictions that we cultivate inwardly or whisper among ourselves. It is a message that the whole world needs to hear. We who have heard it must become agents of subversion and transformation.”

    —Bishop Robert Barron