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Tessa Winkler McKenzie
Communication Alumni
Communications Officer/Web Content Coordinator
The Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc.

 I feel blessed to further the values of Catholic Social Teaching in my daily work.

Melissa Cook
Associate Professor of Communication

 We need to understand how media influences our lives and how to ethically create and utilize media in our private and professional lives.

Biology and Theology Major
Class of 2012

The experience will be what you make of it, so come with an eager mind and an open heart.

Associate Professor of Theology
As a member of the faculty, I really appreciate the sense of community at Saint Vincent.
Junlei Li
Visiting Professor in Early Learning and Children's Media
It's the students that make me love the classes.
Tom Cline
Professor of Marketing and Statistics

Our students are curious but respectful, hard-working, typically come from modest backgrounds, and they are beautiful.

Jerome Foss
Political Science
Assistant Professor of Politics

 Aristotle opened my mind to a completely different way of thinking. All I wanted to do was learn more—to understand more deeply.

Professor of History

 I think as our scholarship matures, most academics find our own niche.

Fr. Wulfstan
Professor of English

 I love it when students raise challenging questions in class and present new ideas.