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Biology Major
Class of 2012

 I could not have asked for a greater education.

Faculty Spotlight
Director of Saint Vincent Theatre

 I love Saint Vincent’s commitment to the Liberal Arts and the college’s support for theatre.

Student Spotlight
Chemistry Education Major
Class of 2012

Keep an open mind and take all of the opportunities you can.

Faculty Spotlight
Associate Professor of Theology
As a member of the faculty, I really appreciate the sense of community at Saint Vincent.
History Major
Class of 2012

 I don’t think I could choose a favorite class because I have had the opportunity to enroll in so many fascinating classes. 

Br. Mark Floreanini
Visual Arts
Associate Professor of Visual Arts

 I love the monastery, the monastic life and that I can teach at the college and be around the wonderful students who bring even more joy to my life.

Thad and Bethany Pajak
Alumni Spotlight
Alumni and Donors
I came in with a fairly average skill set, but I was able to get involved in so many activities at Saint Vincent that made me a dynamic person. It really became a launching pad. - Thad Pajak
Angelo Taiani
Alumni and Donor
Made the Planetarium possible with his generous support.
Alumni Spotlight
Pharmacy Student
Class of 2011
Take the opportunity to succeed at SVC seriously, but don't forget to have fun as well.