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Dr. Mark Rivardo

 Dr. Mark Rivardo, Professor of Psychology, graduated from Saint Vincent in 1993 and returned as a faculty member in 1999. Like many other psychology students, he started out with an interest in clinical psychology, but after meeting Dr. John Serafin, he decided he wanted to teach and conduct his own research.

Dr. Rivardo enjoys working closely with his students, whether it be one-on-one with an advisee or with small teams of students in a seminar or research group. His favorite course is Research Thesis because it gives him the opportunity to help students create their own, unique research projects and see them present those projects at professional conferences.  

"I work with students from the time they come here as first year students until they graduate and I love seeing them grow in skill, knowledge, and confidence."

Dr. Rivardo is also passionate about rock 'n roll and hockey. He plays bass, guitar, and sings backing vocals in the faculty-laden group, Phineas Gage (PA). He started playing ice hockey in graduate school, and actually met his wife on the ice!