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May 17, 2012

Posted Thu., June 14, 2012

I'd call May 17, 2012, just another day at the office, except that I didn't spend any of it actually in my office. I spent it in the presence of two legends from the world of sports. 

In the morning, Colleen Reilly and I ventured out toward Pittsburgh to interview Art Rooney, Jr. who graduated from Saint Vincent in 1957. Mr. Rooney is given the lion's share of credit for the Steelers' summer presence here on campus. However, he told us that when he turned 70, he started to accept any compliment even if it was a half-truth, implying that his role was not as a big as people have made it out to be.  He gives a lot of credit to Coach Oland "Dodo" Canterna. 

We were with Mr. Rooney to do an interview for a series of videos promoting the upcoming Summer Theatre production of the play The Chief which was written by Gene Collier and Ron Zellers. Mr. Rooney is also given a lot of credit for the existence of the play, but he, again, deferred credit elsewhere.

It was an honor to record his many great stories, and it was also a lot of fun. Watch one of the products from that interview.

Later that day, I was at Arnold Palmer Regional Airport in Latrobe for the ribbon cutting for the first flight by Spirit Airlines from Latrobe to Orlando, Florida. Present for this event was golf legend and Latrobe native Arnold Palmer. Though I didn't interview him directly, I was able to capture some of his words that day. 

Watch video from the ceremony. 

To be in the presence of one of these great men in the course of a lifetime is an honor, so I was truly blessed to be around them both on that beautiful 17th day of May in 2012. 

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