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My Year in Video

Posted Fri., May 25, 2012
I am very fortunate in that I do what I love (making videos) at a place I love (Saint Vincent). I am so pleased that I get to serve as a visual liaison between the college and its various constituencies. 
So with this blog, I will go through some of the video highlights of the last year (June 2011-May 2012). 
On June 25th, I shot video at the Dedication of the Sis and Herman Dupré Science Pavilion. It was a wonderful event filled with many heartfelt testimonials about two great people, Sis and Herman Dupré. I especially love the moment when Michele Dupré describes the new pavilion as a place for students to not just learn, but to play. 
Of course, the campus really springs to life when the new group of freshmen arrive, so shooting Freshmen Move-in and Service to the Community Days is always high on my list. I forgot that it was rainy when the freshmen moved in, but was glad to watch the sunny footage from Service to the Community Day
This academic year was unique because the campus christened a new mascot, Vinny the Bearcat. That gave me the chance to make a fun promotional video with SGA President Renold Sossong and the new mascot. I don't get to make videos like this every day. 
The best video I made (in my opinion) was a video I made to promote our Theology Department. Click here to see if you agree with my opinion. 
I also have the privilege of recording many of the noteworthy campus events - Founders' Day, Honors Convocation, Commencement, etc. You would think that these events would get repetitive, but the truth is that every event brings with it some surprise. This year it was the spontaneous, emotional and inspiring speech by Michael Barkowski, winner of the 2011-12 President's Award. Relive it by clicking here
Of course, everything builds toward Commencement, and this year's speech was delivered by Fr. Richard Frechette, C.P., D.O., who has been referred to as the "Mother Teresa of Haiti." This video received over 1,000 views in one week. 
There are dozens of videos that I did not mention, and you can scan through them on our college YouTube channel


I would not be able to make these alone, so I want to thank Eric Arbore, Joan Davis, Dawn Edmiston, James Ferris, Dave Geier, Mike Gerdich, Chuck Holland, Jeff Mallory, Chris McMahon, Dillon Monier, Kathleen Pantalone, Colleen Reilly, Tim Roberts, Renold Sossong, Jason Winters, Jeff Zidek and Chris Zombek.  



Great Videos Dave! We are blessed by having your gifted eye and talent for editing at Saint Vincent.
Posted by: John Smetanka at June 6, 2012 10:56pm
We are so fortunate to have your talents at SVC ... and I am so fortunate to be a colleague of yours. I look forward to another year of amazing insights and videos from you!
Posted by: Dawn Edmiston at June 12, 2012 11:23am

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