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The Fourth of July - Good News for Dr. Smetanka

Posted Mon., July 9, 2012

 A few weeks ago, Dr. Smetanka wrote an interesting blog about the new film, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, in which he asked the questions, "Will Harvard graduates of the future have serious misconceptions ... about our greatest President? Or like the influence Star Wars and Star Trek had on science, will this fictional rift on historic fact spur interest in the study of actual men and women who led us through difficult times?" (Click here to read the entire blog.)

Interesting that on the 4th of July, Dr. Karen Kehoe, from our History Department, addressed a very similar topic in an article written for the Tribune-Review called "Fourth facts? Myths about Independence Day." In it, she (along with a handful of other professors from other colleges & universities) addressed several stories that have strayed from historic fact including ones about the Liberty Bell, Paul Revere and Betsy Ross. Check out the online article by clicking here.

This article should ease Dr. Smetanka's fears. It is clear that historians, including our very own Dr. Kehoe, will continue to "weed through the lore" and give us the straight facts. 

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