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Saint Vincent College…Teacher Preparation at Its Best!

Posted Wed., May 30, 2012

As the teaching profession continues to evolve into a career with progressive goals for teachers and students, colleges and universities must also improve their teacher preparation programs.  Saint Vincent College is a college which is constantly changing whenever it comes to its education department and the certifications that it offers.

Students who attend Saint Vincent are prepared to be effective teachers who have been trained and engaged in courses which offer some of the most recent strategies.  In addition to required courses and field experiences, Web based teaching is provided to undergraduate education majors so that they might add online teaching to their list of teacher qualifications.  As public school districts continue to base Cyber School on their campuses and add online courses to the curriculum, SVC education majors are prepared with the skills that fulfill requirements linked with these types of classrooms. 

Four teacher certifications are offered at Saint Vincent College.  These offerings comply with Pennsylvania’s update of teacher certifications.  Each one is specific to an area of concentration.  Early Childhood majors will be trained to teach children in grades Pre K through 4.  Middle Level majors will receive training linked with teaching students in grades 4 through 8.  Specializing in specific subject areas for students in grades 7 through 12 is linked with the Secondary Education Certificate.  For those undergraduates who wish to teach subjects such as Art, Spanish, or Business Computer and Technology a program is offered to provide a K-12 Content teaching certificate.

Most recently, Saint Vincent’s education department received approval to offer the Middle Level Education Certificate.  In addition to being approved by PDE, the program continues to be updated each semester so that it offers courses which provide teacher preparation according to what the American Middle Level Education (AMLE) Association advocates.  Students who are enrolled in this program can be guaranteed that they will be prepared to work with adolescent students successfully.

Field experiences are provided as part of the requirements for each of the four teaching certificates.  Students who attend Saint Vincent College as education majors will practice in the field many hours and will be coached by some of the finest field experience supervisors.  These students will also have opportunities to teach home schooled students and gifted students due to enrichment programs that are offered.

Please check out the links below to learn more about the teacher preparation programs and certificates offered at Saint Vincent College:

http://www.stvincenteducation.org/     (education website) 

http://www.stvincent.edu/Majors_and_Programs/Majors_and_Programs/Education/Education_K-12/       (education link on SVC Majors and Programs website) 

  http://www.portal.state.pa.us/portal/server.pt/community/certifications/7199/recent_updates/1029726        (PA Department of Education site for certification requirements) 

http://www.amle.org/     (American Middle Level Education website) 

http://www.stvincent.edu/Majors_and_Programs/Majors_and_Programs/Education/Certification_Areas/     (SVC website link for specific teacher certifications)

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