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The 2013 Classroom Community

By: Donna Hupe
Posted Wed., August 28, 2013

Anne Shaw, Director of 21st Century Schools, believes that classrooms need to be communities for students. She states in her blog “There are three facets of a classroom and school environment: 1) the physical environment, 2) the emotional environment, and, 3) the academic environment. Each facet must be intentionally designed and maintained throughout the school year. To establish a positive classroom climate, safe emotional environment, and to begin building community immediately requires deliberate, conscious planning and strategies.”

As experienced teachers and newly hired teachers return and create classroom communities…the most dedicated work diligently to insure that the classroom will promote a sense of acceptance and encouragement for all students. The community includes not only the physical setting of the classroom but also includes the students as a group who work and thrive within that community.

For this blog, I am providing links to various sites that will provide strategies and examples of successful classroom communities.







(photos of classroom designed by teacher)

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