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High Praise from Peter King

Posted Tue., July 31, 2012

Sports Illustrated Senior Writer Peter King has once again laid heavy praise on Training Camp at Saint Vincent. In yesterday's Monday Morning Quarterback column, King listed his 10 favorite camp locations, and Saint Vincent was #1. 

He wrote, "Why do I love thee, Latrobe? Let me count the ways: 1. Rolling hills of Laurel Highlands make the place look a little Scottish, and occasional morning fog adds to it. 2. I once saw Joe Greene, alone, smoking an evening cigar at dusk while overlooking Chuck Noll Field. 3. I once saw the Bill Cowher Steelers practicing on a dry field with no fans, with a huge cornfield on one sideline, a few long spirals from the main field. Looked like Field of Dreams. 4. Fans on top of the action. Must be a Latrobe rule to wear black and gold to camp." (To read the whole column, click here.)

On July 30, 2008, then student reporter (and now Sports Information Director at Penn State-Altoona) Conner Gilbert caught up with King, who was generous enough to do this video interview for us (WATCH).

It is easy for those of us who work here to lose sight of how special hosting training camp is. As Fr. Paul Taylor said in this video, it is good to step back and look for those small things that Peter King sees when he visits us. They are subtle reminders that not only is this a special place during camp, but also year-round. 

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