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  • Student Research

    Here at Saint Vincent College, we encourage our students to take an active approach to learning. Toward this end, our students have opportunities throughout their academic careers to participate in active scholarship through service-learning projects, study abroad experiences and term-long course projects that promote deep scholarly inquiry. As students prepare to graduate, they fulfill a discipline specific capstone requirement that requires them to conduct an independent scholarly project under the mentorship of a faculty advisor. These projects give them an opportunity to put what they have learned into practice, demonstrate their abilities and gain experiences that will help them as they pursue professional pathways or continue on to graduate school.

    Many students take advantage of the student research and travel grant funding that Saint Vincent College offers in the form of Palumbo Research Grants and Andreoli Travel Grants. These grants have supported student research all over the world from South Africa to Thailand to Guatemala as well as right here in the United States.

    Each year, we celebrate this culture of independent inquiry by convening an Academic Conference during which students give oral presentations, performances or posters on their major projects.