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  • For Employers

    Full-time Employment 

    Welcome, Employers! Saint Vincent College takes pride in its talented pool of students with strong academic backgrounds, outstanding practical experience, and professionalism. The Career Center strives to provide you with candidates who meet your employment needs. Please click here for a list of all majors at Saint Vincent College.

    Internship Program  

    Join the ranks of more than 500 regional employers who are already enjoying the benefits of participating in Saint Vincent College's internship program. Thousands of Saint Vincent College students have participated in the Internship Program. To post an internship position visit: www.collegecentral.com/stvincent.

    If you have any questions about recruiting on-campus or posting a position, please contact Courtney Baum, Career Center Director, at 724-805-2253 or by email at courtney.baum@stvincent.edu.

    • To Recruit On-Campus:
      1. Register with College Central at www.collegecentral.com/stvincent
      2. Select your candidates and create your own schedule through College Central Network. 
      3. Interview undergraduates, seniors and/or graduates on campus at Saint Vincent College for internships or full-time positions, current or anticipated. We will accommodate your schedule and provide a distraction-free environment in which you can conduct your interviews.
    • To Post a Position:
      1. Visit www.collegecentral.com/stvincent to post a full-time or internship opportunity. 
      2. Advertise your current, full-time and internship opportunities on College Central Network in order to receive resumes of qualified applicants. Students can apply directly to your position through the College Central database. Be sure to provide contact information and instructions for the application process. 
    • Information Sessions: 
      1. Conduct a company briefing or pre-interview screening session prior to conducting on-campus interviews. 
      2. The Career Center can assist with appropriate accommodations to provide an opportunity for interaction between you and potential candidates.