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     At Saint Vincent College, there is something for everyone.  Check out the list below! 

    Alpha Phi Omega

    Alpha Phi Omega is a national, co-ed service fraternity that has set the standard for college campus-based volunteerism since 1925. The fraternity strives to help each individual member develop leadership skills, experience friendship on many levels and provide service to others. At SVC’s chapter, we are a group of students and alumni that work together to organize service events while providing a support system of brothers to provide a familial atmosphere. Our events consist of anything from making coloring books to organizing Easter egg hunts.

    American Medical Student Association

    The American Medical Student Association is committed to improving health care and health care delivery to all people; promoting active improvement in medical education; involving its members in the social, moral and ethical obligations of the profession of medicine; assisting in the improvement and understanding of world health problems; contributing to the welfare of medical students, premedical students, interns, residents and post-MD/DO trainees; and advancing the profession of medicine.

    Art Club

    Art Club is a place for all students who love art or who want to be a part of a fun and creative community. We go on several fun and informative field trips throughout the year that give insight into the art world. We discuss art and creative topics and do fun crafts or projects where everyone is involved and can be creative. Art Club is an environment where all are welcome and can come to relieve stress and relax with fellow students who share the same interests.

    Bearcat Philanthropy Club

    The Bearcat Philanthrophy Club provides the Saint Vincent College community with events dedicated to raising awareness and funds for local charities and non-profit organizations through teamwork, leadership and Benedictine values.


    The Cheerleading Club strives to promote school spirit with the involvement of students, faculty, staff and the community. The cheerleaders wish to demonstrate positive attitudes and sportsmanlike conduct always. Our club is a great way to show school spirit while cheering on our Bearcat sports teams! We are student-run and have a relaxed practice schedule, but we still work really hard to be the best Bearcat Cheerleaders we can be. Tryouts are held every spring.

    College Republicans

    Organized as a means of ensuring the perpetuation and survival of conservative values on this campus, this club sets forth as its mission, the fostering and nurturing of these values.

    Crafting for Care

    Crafting for Care focuses on creating knitted or crocheted items that are donated to the less fortunate. Everyone is welcome to join, including those who have no experience with knitting or crocheting. It is very easy to learn!

    Early Childhood Education Club

    The Early Childhood Club is a club for education majors, to discuss, learn and grow as future teachers. We listen to speakers, do projects and work with and help children as often as we can. Our club’s goal is to create better lives for young people and create future teachers ready to educate the next generation.

    Education Club

    The club is geared toward any college, undergraduate or graduate student, who is interested in educating the young minds of America. Through our club meetings, hands-on volunteering, fun filled field trips, and our informational talks, the Education Club prepares student teachers to eventually venture out into the educating world.

    Engineering Club

    The Engineering Club is designed to provide students with the opportunity to be creative, enhance their engineering skills and help them feel part of a broader community. Our goal is for students to have an enjoyable experience while getting to know other members of the engineering community and finding out exactly what engineering can be. We strive to give our members various opportunities to travel to different locations and explore the different fields of engineering in deeper context.

    Environmental Awareness Club

    The environmental awareness club brings new and environmentally-friendly resources to campus such as the implementation of new recycle signs. The club also goes on hikes and other environmental trips. We are also involved in the Westmoreland County Earth Day festivities.

    Equestrian Club

    Interested in learning more about horses and horse back riding? We take anyone and everyone, from animal lovers, to future veterinarians, to beginner riders, to equestrians who have ridden all their life. We teach all around equestrian skills, including safety, horse behavior and basic care, and we also have weekly English riding lessons. Experience diversity in the saddle, as we mix up flat and jumping work with trail rides and bareback lessons.

    Finance Club

    The Finance Club exists to promote financial education at SVC and other activities conducive to financial markets. Anyone interested in the area of finance is encouraged to join the club and take part in the different activities offered. Students will have the opportunity to participate in the field trips taken across the greater Pittsburgh area to gain a better understanding for careers related to finance. The club also promotes financial education through a lecture series, as well as different presentations by professionals, which is open to the whole school.

    International Students' Union

    The International Students' Union is a club that is meant to bring together all students at St. Vincent as a way to share and learn about different cultures. Through this cultural exchange, we hope students will be able to understand different cultures as a way to come together as a community.


    MAD COMM Club at Saint Vincent College is an engaging experience for students interested in topics ranging from media, advertising, communication, public relations, graphic design, marketing, pop culture, art and more. The MAD COMM Club provides students with various networking opportunities and experiences through behind the scenes visits to local organizations, as well as on-campus speakers and events. A nod to the intellectual gatherings of liberal arts students of generations past, MAD COMM serves as an open forum for members to participate in open, informal discussion of current cultural events and reflections on the impact of media in the present. Students also gain real world experiences in their field, while providing service to their peers and the SVC community through marketing projects that benefit both the numerous other clubs and organizations, as well as MAD COMM members.

    Marching Band

    The March of the Bearcats is the largest and most visible music organization representing Saint Vincent College. The March of the Bearcats Marching Band performs at all home football games and performs as the musical ambassadors representing Saint Vincent College at community parades and high school marching band festivals. Band camp is held for two full weeks before the fall semester begins, where the band will focus on music excellence, marching style and precision and perfecting the show. Music is written in June, allowing parts and sound files to be emailed to you in July and assist you in your preparations for camp.

    For more information visit March of the Bearcats.

    Math Club

    Math Club aims to expose the elements that make this subject fun and exciting. You do not have to be good at Math to be part of the club – all you need is an interest to learn and the desire to have fun! We try to incorporate Math into every meeting and event in a way that makes it enjoyable for all club members.

    Mixed Martial Arts

    The MMA Club serves as a way for those who have an interest in martial arts to train together and exchange techniques. We meet in upper Alcuin for weekly training sessions to practice a range of styles, including Brazillian Jiu Jitsu, Aikido and Tang Soo Do. For those who wish to pursue additional training, we recommend the martial arts school Pennsylvania Combat Sports located in the Greensburg business district. We provide any equipment that our members may need.

    Operational Excellence Club

    Our mission is to provide all club members with the opportunity to immerse themselves in the culture of Operational Excellence, to grow in the knowledge of OE, and to seize the benefits of hands-on experiences in enterprises with OE applications. The club provides opportunities to network with professionals in the industry through lectures and tours. Operational Excellence is offered as an undergraduate minor at Saint Vincent College and is the focus of the Master of Science in Management: Operational Excellence (MSMOE) program.

    Pizza and Politics Club

    The Pizza and Politics Club is a discussion-based organization dedicated to fostering respectful, non-partisan discourse on current events, domestic and international issues and political and ethical philosophy. We promote awareness of the political world while having fun and partaking in delicious food. Talk, eat and enjoy - there will be pizza!

    Psychology Club

    The Psychology Club is led by students of Saint Vincent College who are dedicated to understanding and spreading awareness of the scope of psychology through school-wide activities, community service and professional development. The club is open to all students who possess an interest in psychology. The club will offer opportunities to develop socially, professionally and academically in the field of psychology.

    Public Health Club

    Integrating elements from several formal definitions, public health can be described as the collection of evidence-based public and private efforts that aim to create conditions in which people can be healthy. As such, the public health club seeks to bring together multiple disciplines of academia in search of a unified interest in public health and ensuing public health issues such as socioeconomic determinants of health, infections and chronic diseases and health policy. In forming relevant activities and service opportunities to support the pursuit of public health, we hope to expand awareness for public health issues on campus and in our community.

    Saint Vincent College Chemistry Club

    The Chemistry Club sponsors many events and activities throughout the year to promote chemistry on campus and within the community. For instance, each year we participate in National Chemistry Week at the end of October, which concludes by inviting members of our club to participate in the Carnegie Science Fair held at the Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Members of the chemistry club also have numerous opportunities to participate in fun chemistry demonstrations for local high school students. Previous club activities included making liquid nitrogen ice cream, assisting boy scouts in earning their Nuclear Science merit badge, holding a chemistry magic show and hosting professors from different universities to discuss graduate school with students and present the research that is being carried out in their lab. The chemistry club hosts many fundraisers during the year to obtain funding to send seniors to the American Chemical Society Meeting to present their research each spring.

    Saint Vincent College Habitat for Humanity

    Saint Vincent College Habitat for Humanity is an internationally-recognized club that focuses on advocating the reality and working towards the elimination of poverty housing in this country. Through local projects in conjunction with Central Westmoreland Habitat for Humanity and through annual spring break trips, club members have the opportunity to build homes for impoverished families.

    Saint Vincent Dance Team

    The dance team is comprised of a group of students who share the love of dance. These hardworking students choreograph their own performances. They perform during the half-time of men’s and women’s basketball home games and other events when invited. They also prepare and attend many service projects throughout the year (the largest event being the Senior Prom that they host at a nursing home).

    Saint Vincent Men's Rugby Club

    Rugby is a sport to build comradery and brotherhood amongst players. It is a physical and demanding sport that lasts 80 minutes, but will create the strongest bond of brotherhood amongst teammates. In this sport of non-stop action, you will meet some of the closest friends you will ever have.

    SpikeBall Club

    Spikeball Club is an active club on campus that teaches students the new up-and-coming sport that is spikeball! We host open practices, charity tournaments and informational settings for all members of this outstanding club. It is a great way for students to be active and meet other students on campus!

    Strategic Gaming Society

    The Strategic Gaming Society is a club that promotes friendship and fun through gaming. We range from tabletops to card games to video games and beyond. Some of most popular games are Magic: The Gathering, Settlers of Catan, League of Legends and Super Smash Bros. Come join us on Thursday nights in Alfred Hall - you won’t regret it!

    Student Council for Exceptional Children (SCEC)

    The Student Council for Exceptional Children strives to promote awareness about individuals in the classroom with disabilities and/or gifts or talents and works to improve the success of students with disabilities. This organization provides members opportunities to gain important experience working and interacting with students who have special needs and to become familiar with available resources that teachers can use to better serve these students in the classroom. Students from all certification areas are welcome and can benefit from participation in disability-related activities. Such activity demonstrates to potential employers a much sought openness to diversity.

    SVC Alley Cats (Bowling)

    The Bowling club meets every Thursday at 9:30 p.m. at Hillview Lanes in Greensburg. Anyone is welcome to attend, plus we have a reduced price ($2/game). Come on out and get your practice in for the big tournament held at the end of every semester where prizes are awarded.

    SVC Health and Fitness Club

    The SVC Health and Fitness Club promotes various facets of physical culture. Our members actively engage in promoting a healthy lifestyle punctuated by improved strength, power, speed, flexibility and endurance. We promote a thoughtful approach to training and engage in lively debate on different aspects of physical culture and support each other towards reaching our goals (no matter how diverse). Though we have strong opinions individually, the club welcomes all interested.

    Swing Dance Club

    The Swing Dance Club is dedicated to teaching and celebrating the dance craze that was sweeping the nation during the 30s and 40s: The Lindy hop and Charleston. We host our annual Bearcat Swing event on campus where we have workshops in the afternoon and a dance in the evening with live music provided by a swing band! We love to share the joy of dance with the community by visiting Brookdale Assisted Living Facility and dancing for (and with) the residents there, many of whom grew up in the swing era.

    The Company

    The Company is the Saint Vincent College's full student‐run musical theater group on campus. Each fall we perform a well‐known musical and in the spring our annual Cabaret. The Company's mission is to enlighten, enrich, and entertain the students and audience that bring it to life. We are always looking for new and talented members with a passion for performing!

    Tri-Beta Biological Honors Society

    Beta Beta Beta (Tri-Beta) is a society for students, particularly undergraduates, dedicated to improving the understanding and appreciation of biological study and extending boundaries of human knowledge through scientific research. (http://www.tri-beta.org/aboutbbb.html) ‬‪As a club we are dedicated to enriching every members life through biological advancement by means of education, socialization and community service.‬‬‬‬‬‬

    Ultimate Frisbee

    Ultimate Frisbee, according to several faculty and alumni accounts, has been a relevant part of Saint Vincent Campus culture since the sport’s inception in the 1970’s. The aspects of the game such as companionship, individual skill, and teamwork have enriched the lives of Saint Vincent Students ever since. In lieu of the national growth of Ultimate as a intercollegiate competitive sport and the evolution of the SVC student body, the new generation of Bearcats has endeavored to elevate the standard of excellence set by previous Bearcat Ultimate players and pit Saint Vincent’s best against those of other institutions. Saint Vincent College has since become known as a gracious host of three tournaments per academic year, and a welcomed participant in several all-weekend tournaments hosted by other institutions.

    Women in Business

    Join us to enhance your professional development in a variety of opportunities on campus. From executive lecture series, alumnae networking panels to community outreach events and fundraising efforts, we have an event for you! Not a business major? No problem! Not a woman? Who cares! Women in Business is designed to support the professional and personal lives of all Saint Vincent students.
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