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  • Orientation Committee

    Mission Statement

    The purpose of the Orientation Program is to better the integration of the first-year and transfer students into the community of Saint Vincent College by promoting the values and traditions of the school through positive, engaging, and nurturing channels. The program aims to promote clear communication of College policies and expectations while encouraging campus involvement.

    The Orientation program at Saint Vincent College is a five-week program designed to help freshmen become acclimated to our campus. Our program is extensive, informative, and nationally recognized. All of the Orientation Leaders and committee members involved in this program are undergraduate students who volunteer their time to the new students and their acclimation to Saint Vincent College.

    What can you expect from our program?

    • Big/Little Program
      Each freshman is paired with an upperclassman on the Orientation committee who serves as their resource for information and a friendly face on campus along with welcoming them to the Saint Vincent Community. This mentor program does not end with the six weeks of the Orientation program but continues throughout the freshman year. Littles are often matched by major; this helps the incoming students better acclimate to their area of study.
    • Academics
      Students are introduced to their academic programs through meetings with their faculty advisors and deans of their respective schools, as well as interacting with upperclassmen who are established in their respective fields. 
    • New Student Orientation Meetings
      Beginning college life is an exciting and serious adventure. To assist with this transition, the College staff provides Orientation Meetings during the first few weeks of the semester. Topics discussed include Career Planning, Drug and Substance Abuse Education, Personal Safety and Benedictine Values. These meetings are mandatory and give crucial information to make informed decisions throughout the college experience. 
    • Parent Program
      Our Bearcat Connection program enables the school to keep in direct contact with families through emails and a listserv, making them aware of campus happenings. We also strive to prepare the families of first-year students for personal and academic development changes that will take place during their student's first year in college. 
    • Events
      Our Orientation program utilizes approximately 20 events that encourage students to "come out of their shell" and get to know each other during their first weeks at Saint Vincent. Some previous events include: Pod Wars including Human Battleship, Jeopardy, Faculty Dessert and Karaoke, Hawaiian Luau, a Pirate Game and our famous Mystery Trip to a secret location. 
    • Freshman Seminar
      The Freshman Seminar is designed to help students make the transition to college by introducing them to academic disciplines and to the intellectual community on and beyond the campus, and by providing opportunities for them to develop skills, behaviors, and attitudes necessary for success in college. The Saint Vincent College Freshman Seminar is taught by carefully-selected faculty members and embodies a format whereby the standard 3-credit-hour course is extended to 4 hours, which allows more time for the faculty-mentor to engage more intimately with the students to develop, hone, and enhance the student's skills as they relate to such areas as academic inquiry, public speaking, and application of course material in co-curricular environments.

    The Committee

    As part of the Orientation program, there are approximately 100 upper-class students who volunteer their time to serve on the general Orientation committee. These students will be the ones who will move you in on move-in day and serve as mentors to you throughout the first few weeks of school.