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  • Campus Safety Concern Reporting Form

    If this is an emergency or a situation which requires immediate attention, please contact the Office of Public Safety at 2911.  

    If you are aware of someone on our campus whose behavior is causing concern, or who has made a threatening remark or overt act of physical violence against self or another person(s) or property, please complete this form, which will be forwarded to Office of Student Affairs. Examples of behaviors which cause concern include:

    • words, actions or writings that convey clear intentions to harm self or others
    • acts motivated by discrimination or hate
    • stalking (physical or cyber)
    • harassment
    • hazing
    • suspicious person loitering
    • vandalism

    Issues related to other campus concerns (parking, residence hall issues, campus and building repairs, etc.) should be directed to the appropriate department.


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    Time of incident:   
    Location of incident:  
    Person(s) involved in incident or concern:  
    Description of the incident or behavior:
    (Please provide a detailed, objective
    description of the incident or behaviors)
    Possible witnesses:  
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    Your report will be reviewed within one business day.