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  • Crime Prevention

    Crime prevention is a shared responsibility of the entire community. The Public Safety Director is responsible for development and implementation of crime prevention programs. The crime prevention message is delivered in several different ways. Incoming freshmen are briefed on safety and security matters as part of their orientation process. Prefects are encouraged to make presentations during their mandatory floor meetings. Several crime prevention and fire safety videos are available for their use. Crime Prevention posters are hung in various locations throughout the campus. A variety of Crime Prevention Handouts and pamphlets are placed in the Public Safety Office, Student Affairs Office, and the Wellness Center. Crime Prevention videos are programmed a few times a year to be shown on the campus television network. Several other programs have been instituted at Saint Vincent. The Operation Identification program provides individuals with a pamphlet on how to mark important belongings to help prevent their theft or their recovery and an engraver. A form is available to record the important data about the item, such as serial number, model number, and date of purchase and value. Another program is the Escort Service. An individual can request a walking escort by an officer from anywhere on campus to anywhere on campus. Crime prevention reminders are often posted to the Saint Vincent portal and when necessary, crime prevention bulletins are mailed directly to each individual or emailed.