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  • In Case of Emergency

    Saint Vincent employs an outdoor emergency messaging system as well as a text messaging service contracted with e2Campus. The e2Campus is a voluntary, but highly encouraged program for the faculty and staff and mandatory for students. In addition, Saint Vincent employs email messaging.

    The immediate notification will be made without delay unless in the professional judgment of responsible authorities, the notification will hamper victim assistance, interfere with the ability to contain or mitigate the emergency event. Saint Vincent uses pre-recorded messages for the outdoor notification system and templates for the e2campus text messaging system.

    The President of Saint Vincent College is the approval authority for all activations on the Saint Vincent College Campus with the exception of the Pittsburgh Steelers Summer Training Camp.

    The on-duty Emergency Telecommunications Operator will immediately activate the systems without administrative approval in situations where the delay will cause or have a high propensity to cause immediate casualties. This will be reserved for situations such as an active shooter. Saint Vincent College allows for parents/families to sign up for e2Campus alerts. They receive notification on a real time basis. A follow-up email can be sent to parents/families that are on the Bearcat listserv.