Devin Fava Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Psychology
  • Ph.D., Kent State University
  • M.A., Kent State University
  • B.S., Denison University
Phone 724-805-2132
Office Location
Headmasters Hall 410
  • Fava, D.A., & Riccio, D.C. (2012). Poster by Devin A. Fava at the Eastern Psychological Association Annual Conference: "Investigating increased sensitivity for disruption of extinction memories utilizing mild hypothermia."
  • Fava, D.A., & Riccio, D.C. (2014). Mild hypothermia can disrupt extinction learning but not original conditioning. Physiology & Behavior 125, 54–56.
Courses Taught
  • Biological Psychology
  • Health Psychology
  • Introduction to Psychological Science
  • Statistics I
  • Statistics II