Sarah Daly Ph.D.

Instructor, Criminology, Law, and Society
Sarah Daly Ph.D.
  • Ph.D., Rutgers University - Newark
  • M.A., Rutgers University - Camden
  • M.Ed., University of Pennsylvania
  • B.A., University of Notre Dame
About Sarah Daly Ph.D.
Before coming to Saint Vincent, I spent 11 years in the public school system in New Jersey as a Spanish teacher and a school counselor. I use those experiences to enrich my teaching, relationships, and intellectual development, and I use my background in education, multicultural studies, research, and psychology to offer students a broad, yet thorough perspective about criminology and the criminal justice system. My research in mass and active shootings and school violence is both quantitative and qualitative, and I enjoy working with students to engage them in the research process and teach them to be informed consumers and producers of information. Further, I hope that my passion for equality and social justice issues will inspire students to observe the world around them with a critical and compassionate eye as they prepare to enter the workforce.

I am so proud to be a part of the Saint Vincent community, and I look forward to all the exciting opportunities in the future.
Phone 724-805-2689
Office Location
Alfred Hall, 4th Floor Room #6
Courses Taught
  • Introduction to Criminology
  • Quantitative Research Methods
  • School Violence: Origins and Strategies
  • The Criminology of Race
  • The Etiology of Mass Violence
  • Urban Street Gang Prosecution
  • Victimology