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    Dr. Elaine Bennett discusses the Anthropology major in this video.
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    The Anthropology Program

    • Develop an understanding of the connection between the individual and social structure by making the connection between Western cultural constructions and universal cultural patterns and making the connection between cultural phenomena and specifically human modes of physicality, ecology, and grammatical structures of the mind.
    • Demonstrate the ability to understand and/or apply theory in Anthropology by demonstrating a critical understanding of concepts and using them correctly; evaluating texts and understanding the major principles, controversies, and critiques; demonstrating knowledge of the diverse ways of being human and appreciating the interplay of relative cultural constructions and universal themes of pan-human nature.
    • Develop analytical skills relevant to 21st century anthropology by making connections between the past and the present, the local and the global, and by demonstrating an understanding of the basic analytic techniques of physical anthropology, cultural anthropology, linguistics, and/or archaeology.
    • Demonstrate the ability to conduct research (original or secondary) in anthropology and be aware of ethical issues in research.
    • Demonstrate the ability to clearly communicate verbally and in writing by constructing a logical argument from primary literature, and know how to properly reference and cite academic sources.
    • Prepare students for entry-level positions in their chosen fields or for admission into graduate programs.


    B.A. Anthropology Major Requirements: (36 credits)
    AN 101 Introduction to Anthropology - 3 credits
    AN 222 Cultural Anthropology - 3 credits
    AN 230 Archaeology - 3 credits
    AN 360 Qualitative Research Methods - 3 credits
    AN 450 Senior Seminar in Anthropology - 3 credits
    PY 203 Statistics I - 3 credits
    SO 235 Inequality and Social Problems - 3 credits

    One of the Following:
    SO 101 Introduction to Sociology - 3 credits
    SO 106 Sociology and Global Issues - 3 credits
    SO 307 Sociological Theory - 3 credits

    Any four Anthropology Electives - 12 credits

    Students are encourages to select a complimentary area of study (minor or second major) in consultation with their faculty advisor.

    Anthropology Minor Requirements: (18 credits)

    Choose one of the following concentrations:
    Concentration in General Anthropology
    The general concentration provides students with a basic foundation in the discipline of anthropology, allowing students to incorporate the principles of anthropology's holistic perspective into their approach to their major discipline.
    AN 101 Introduction to Anthropology - 3 credits
    AN 222 Cultural Anthropology - 3 credits
    Any four Anthropology Electives - 12 credits

    Concentration in Applied Anthropology
    The concentration in applied anthropology is designed to prepare students to integrate anthropological thinking into their work in other disciplines.  Students will become familiar with the broad range of applications of anthropology and will learn to approach problems from a holistic, interdisciplinary perspective. 
    AN 101 Introduction to Anthropology - 3 credits
    AN 222 Cultural Anthropology - 3 credits
    AN 315 Applied Anthropology - 3 credits
    AN 360 Qualitative Research Methods - 3 credits
    Any two courses from the following: AN 221, AN 230, AN 238, AN 280, AN 332, SO 106, SO 161 or SO 235* - 6 credits
    *Note: Only one sociology course may count toward the minor.