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    The Children's Literature Program

    The Children’s Literature Minor is designed to explore the various forms of literature written for children and young adults. Students investigate literary shifts involving the ways adults imagine and shape children’s virtues and capabilities as well as how children live out or resist those expectations.

    Analyzing texts written for children and about childhood, this minor provides the opportunity for both breadth and depth of study. English majors are ineligible for the minor but may concentrate in children’s literature.

    Students who minor in children's literature have the opportunity to

    • critically analyze literary genres from children's books to young adult fiction
    • explore the history of children's literature and famous children's authors
    • understand how childhood is depicted in children's literature and film
    • learn best practices for writing children's literature


    Required courses: 12 credits (4 courses)  

    Children's literature minors may choose four courses from the following lists. At least one must be introductory, 100-level course, and at least one must be advanced, 200-level.

    EL 129 Young Adult Fiction - 3 credits 
    EL 128 Children’s Literature: Fables to 1900 - 3 credits 
    EL 130 Children’s Literature: 1900 to Present - 3 credits
    EL 259 Critical Approaches to Children’s Literature - 3 credits 
    EL 272 Special Topics in Children’s Literature - 3 credits
    EL 273 Representations of Childhood in Literature - 3 credits 
    EL 274 Representations of Childhood in Film - 3 credits 

    Elective courses: 6 credits (2 courses)

    Students are encouraged to choose from the courses listed above and/or choose relevant courses in related disciplines by approval of the director, Dr. Sara Lindey, sara.lindey@stvincent.edu.