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    Melissa Cook
    Dr. Melissa Cook
    Associate Professor of Communication

     We need to understand how media influences our lives and how to ethically create and utilize media in our private and professional lives.

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    The Communication Program


    Graduates with a degree in communication from Saint Vincent College are effective communicators who can express themselves via speech, video and the written word. Communication majors and minors learn the intricacies of interpersonal and business communication, communication ethics, public presentation and communication theories.

    Many of our graduates embark on successful careers in public relations, broadcasting, marketing, sports information and other communication-related fields. But no matter what field our graduates choose, communicating effectively will be beneficial throughout their careers. Our faculty, experts in philosophy and the media industry, help jump-start our students’ professional journey.

    /uploadedImages/Majors_and_Programs/Majors_and_Programs/Communication/Content/communication picture 2.jpgThe Communication Department is situated within an educational community rooted in the tradition of the Catholic faith, the heritage of Benedictine monasticism, and the love of values inherent in the liberal approach to life and learning. Our mission is to provide a quality undergraduate education for those who seek entrance into graduate school or a career in the field of communication. The courses and internships required for all communication majors provide for the development of intellectual gifts, professional aptitudes and personal aspirations.

    By the end of their college journey, communication students at Saint Vincent College will:

    • Demonstrate effective public speaking skills.
    • Understand issues of creating ethical verbal and non-verbal messages for specific audiences.
    •  Possess an understanding of the various channels and methods of communication.
    • Use communication technology effectively.
    • Compile a portfolio of their own creative work.

    Major Requirements (42 credits) 

    Communication Core (30 credits)
    CA 100 Introduction to Mass Media 
    CA 110 Introduction to Media Industry
    CA 120 Public Presentation
    CA 130 Introduction to Digital Media
    CA 140 Interpersonal & Organizational Communication
    CA 201 Communication Research Methods
    CA 224 Communication Ethics
    CA 230 Writing for Media
    CA 440 Criticism of Media and Society
    CA 550 Internship

    Choose Three Elective Course within the Major (9 Credits) 

    from 200 level and above
    CA 200 Film Studies
    CA 211 Photo Images
    CA 235 Introduction to Web Design
    CA 240 Public Relations Strategies
    CA 245 Digital Media I: Post Production Studies
    CA 250 Advertising Strategies
    CA 255 Digital Media II: Documentary Techniques
    CA 281 Children and the Media
    CA 285 Electronic Media
    CA 309 Digital Culture
    CA 381 Research on Children and the Media

    Capstone Requirement: Choose One Course (3 Credits) 

    CA 415 Creative Campaigns Capstone
    CA 435 Digital Media Capstone

    Minor Requirements (18 credits)
    CA 100 Introduction to Mass Media  
    CA 110 Introduction to Media Industry
    CA 120 Public Presentation 
    CA 130 Introduction to Digital Media
    and Two 200-Level Courses or Higher