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    Melissa Cook
    Dr. Melissa Cook
    Associate Professor of Communication

     We need to understand how media influences our lives and how to ethically create and utilize media in our private and professional lives.

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    The Italian Program

    Students have the opportunity to

    • develop skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing 
    • develop an awareness and appreciation of other cultures 
    • engage in cross-cultural comparisons 
    • make connections with other disciplines of study 
    • participate in multilingual communities abroad or in the U.S. 

    Requirements for Italian Minor (18 credits):
    A minor in Italian requires 6 courses beyond IT 203.

    Required Courses ( 12 credits): IT 305 Developing Oral Proficiency in Italian - 3 credits
    IT 315 Stylistics: Techniques of Composition and Interpretation - 3 credits 
    Any 300 level course in literature - 3 credits
    Any 300 level course in culture and civilization - 3 credits 
    Elective: Any two courses from the 200 or 300 level - 6 credits

    Study abroad is essential to attain proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Students, therefore, who wish to minor in Italian are strongly encouraged to study abroad. Courses must be taught in the target language, i.e., in Italian. A minimum of a 9-credit summer program or one semester of study in Italy would qualify. For students who are not able to study abroad, language study in an immersion setting may be substituted. All programs must be approved by the department chair.