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    The Latin Program

    Students have the opportunity to

    • develop skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing
    • develop an awareness and appreciation of other cultures
    • engage in cross-cultural comparisons
    • make connections with other disciplines of study
    • participate in multilingual communities abroad or in the U.S.

    Requirements for Minor in Classical Latin (18 credits) A minor in Latin requires six courses beyond LT 203 both in the target language as well as non-language courses that are offered by other departments of the college.

    Required Courses (12 credits): LT 204 Intermediate Latin II - 3 credits 
    Any 300 level course(s) and above in literature - 6 credits
    Any 300 level course(s) and above in culture/civilization - 3 credits

    Select any two non-language courses from the following (6 credits):
    EL 321 Classical Greek Poetry and Drama - 3 credits 
    HI 204 Measure of All Things: The Greek Legacy - 3 credits 
    HI 206 Caesar and Christ: The Roman Legacy 3 credits 
    AR 101 Art History, Ancient through Renaissance - 3 credits 
    AN 230 Archaeology - 3 credits

    Placement exam.