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    Allied Health Program - Occupational Therapy

    The Occupational Therapy cooperative program between Saint Vincent College and Duquesne University School of Health Sciences is currently a five-year master’s degree program. Upon successful completion of the fourth year, students who have not already earned a bachelor’s degree will be awarded a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences from Duquesne University. Upon successful completion of the fifth year, students will be awarded a Master of Occupational Therapy degree from Duquesne University. Duquesne University's Department of Occupational Therapy is transitioning from a 5-year Masters of Science (MS) degree to a 6-year Occupational Therapy Doctorate (OTD) degree. Students transferring from Saint Vincent College prior to Fall 2016 who are then accepted into the professional phase of Duquesne University’s Occupational Therapy program before Spring 2019 will be the last student cohorts who may earn an MS OT degree after successful completion of the program. Saint Vincent students who transfer in Fall 2016 and enter the professional phase in Spring 2019 and thereafter will earn an Occupational Therapy Doctorate (OTD) degree upon successful completion of the 6-year OTD program.

    All degree options at Duquesne University’s Department of Occupational Therapy curriculum may be found at www.duq.edu/ot Please refer to the Information Letter given by your Saint Vincent Advisor for more specific requirements and deadlines for the Saint Vincent College/Duquesne University articulation.

    Typical First-Year Schedule

    Fall Semester
    BL 150 General Biology I - 3 credits
    BL 151 General Biology I Laboratory - 1 credit 
    CH 101 General Chemistry I - 3 credits
    CH 103 General Chemistry I Laboratory - 1 credit 
    TH 119 Exploring Religious Meaning - 3 credits
    EL— Literature Elective - 3 credits
    PY 100 Introduction To Psychology - 3 credits
    First-Year Seminar - 1 credit 
    Total 18

    Spring Semester
    BL 152 General Biology II - 3 credits
    BL 153 General Biology II Lab - 1 credit
    PL 101 1st Philosophy - 3 credits
    EL 102 Language & Rhetoric - 3 credits
    SO 101 Introduction to Sociology - 3 credits
    MA 104 or MA 109 Calculus I preferred 3 or 4 credits
    Total 16 or 17

    Typical Second-Year Schedule

    Fall Semester
    BL 220 Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy - 3 credits
    BL 221 Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy Laboratory - 1 credit
    PH 111 General Physics I - 3 credits
    PH 113 General Physics I Laboratory - 1 credit
    BA 350 or PY 203 Statistics I - 3 credits
    CS 101 Survey of Computers - 3 credits
    SO 105 Chemical Dependency - 3 credits
    Total 17

    Spring Semester
    BL 224 Mammalian Physiology - 3 credits
    BL 225 Mammalian Physiology Laboratory - 1 credit
    Ethics** - 3 credits
    Faith & Reasoning*** - 3 credits
    Fine Arts Elective - 3 credits
    Global Diversity* - 3 credits
    Total 16
    Total credit hours at Saint Vincent College 67

    All students transferring to another school must complete courses in the following core areas. Below is a list of core areas and the courses that fulfill the requirement.

    * Global Diversity includes one of the following: TH 380 World Religions, TH 385 Buddhism, HI 108 Traditional East Asian Societies I, HI 109 Modern East Asian Societies, HI 233 History of Latin America, HI 270 The Rise of Chinese Civilization, HI 280 Islamic Civilization I 3, HI 123 Global History I, or HI 102 Western Civilization I 

    ** Ethics includes ether PL 218 Bioethics, or TH 280 Catholic Bioethics

    *** Communication includes one of the following: CA 120 Public Presentation or CA 140 Interpersonal and Organizational Communication Social Justice: SO 101 Introduction to Sociology, TH 250 Introduction to Moral Theology, TH 265 God, Work, and Money Philosophy: PL 101 1st Philosophy

    • Completion of High School Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Pre-Calculus. 
    • A Minimum of 1100 SAT Score (prior to March 2016) and 1170 (beginning in March 2016) in math and verbal reasoning.

    English Proficiency Requirements  

    English is the language of instruction at Duquesne University and the demands for verbal and written communication in all the health professions are substantial. Students whose first language is other than English must successfully complete testing and clearance from the Duquesne University English as a Second Language Department and meet all published admission and language proficiency criteria for the Duquesne University Occupational Therapy program. Students articulating from Saint Vincent College should make an appointment with the DU ESL Department once they are provisionally accepted into the occupational therapy program. Students who submit official scores to the DU ESL Department, current to within one year, of 90 or higher on the Internet- based Test of English as a Foreign Language TOEFL (IiBT) or 575 on the Paper-based Test (PBT,) are often excused from English Placement Tests except for tests of written and spoken English.