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    Allied Health Program - Physician Assistant

    If you are interested in becoming a physician assistant, Saint Vincent offers two paths that allow you to pursue this field of study.

    Many students will stay at Saint Vincent College for four years, complete a four-year bachelor’s degree, often in a field such as biology, chemistry, psychology or liberal arts, and take courses that are required prerequisite courses for graduate study in the respective field. The student will then apply to the institution(s) of their choice that has graduate programs in physician assistant.

    SVC students who complete a four-year degree with plans to work in the field of physician assistant often transfer into Chatham University, Misericordia University, St. Francis University, Seton Hill University, Slippery Rock University, University of Pittsburgh and West Virginia University.

    Having strong grades during your undergraduate studies and a high overall GPA as well as good grades in your science courses and the prerequisite courses for the respective program help increase your chance for being accepted into the graduate program of your choice. Saint Vincent advisers help you to select the correct courses to complete your bachelor’s degree as well as ensuring that you have those that you need for the graduate program you are interested in. We also have agreements with schools to provide a limited number of seats to students who meet specific GPA and course criteria while earning their Saint Vincent bachelor’s degree. We would be happy to talk with you more about these opportunities.

    A second option is to enter a very competitive program with a limited number of seats available with Duquesne University. In order to be eligible for the Saint Vincent – Duquesne Cooperative program you MUST have a minimal combined SAT score in math and critical reading of 1100.

    Typical First-Year Schedule

    Fall Semester
    BL 150 General Biology I - 3 credits
    BL 151 General Biology I Laboratory - 1 credit
    CH 101 General Chemistry I - 3 credits
    CH 103 General Chemistry I Laboratory - 1 credit
    TH 119 First Theology - 3 credits
    FL 203 Intermediate Language - 3 credits
    First-Year Seminar - 1 credit
    Total Fall 18

    Spring Semester
    BL 152 General Biology II - 3 credits
    BL 153 General Biology II Lab - 1 credit
    CH 102 General Chemistry II - 3 credits
    CH 104 General Chemistry II Lab - 1 credit
    EL 102 Language & Rhetoric - 3 credits
    FL 204 Intermediate Language - 3 credits
    HI— History (100 level) - 3 credits
    Total Spring 17

    Typical Sophomore Year Schedule

    Fall Semester
    BL 208 Cell Biology - credits
    BL 209 Cell Biology Laboratory - 1 credit
    CH 221 Organic Chemistry I - 3 credits
    CH 223 Organic Chemistry I Laboratory - 1 credit
    PY 100 Introduction to Psychology - 3 credits
    TH— Theology Elective - 3 credits
    PL 101 First Philosophy - 3 credits
    Total Fall 17

    Spring Semester
    BL 212 Microbiology - 3 credits
    BL 213 Microbiology Laboratory - 1 credit
    MA 109 Calculus I 4
    PY— Psychology Concentration - 3 credits
    EL 202 Intermediate Writing 3
    HI— History (200 level) - 3 credits
    Total Spring 17

    Typical Junior Year Schedule

    Fall Semester
    PL— Philosophy - 3 credits
    LA 200 Methods & Techniques - 3 credits
    PY 203 Statistics - 3 credits
    PY— Psychology Concentration - 3 credits
    TH 280 Catholic Bioethics 3
    PH 111 General Physics I - 3 credits
    PH 113 General Physics I Laboratory - 1 credit
    Total Fall 19

    Spring Semester
    AN 222 Cultural Anthropology - 3 credits
    LA 250 Junior Seminar - 3 credits
    PY— Psychology Concentration - 3 credits
    FA— Fine Arts - 3 credits
    EL— Literature Course - 3 credits
    BL 224 Mammalian Physiology - 3 credits
    Total Spring 18

    Summer Semester
    LA 350 Independent Study - 3 credits
    Senior Year (First Year at Duquesne)

    27 additional credits to satisfy requirements for the BA in Liberal Arts
    Four credits at Duquesne to satisfy requirements for Biology minor
    Three credits at Duquesne to satisfy requirements for Psychology Concentration.

    • Completion of High School Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Pre-Calculus. 
    • A Minimum of 1100 SAT Score (prior to March 2016) and 1170 (beginning in March 2016) in math and verbal reasoning.