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    Michael Barkowski
    Biology and Theology Major
    Class of 2012

    The experience will be what you make of it, so come with an eager mind and an open heart.

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    The Sociology Program


    • Understand the discipline of sociology and how it shapes our understanding of social reality by demonstrating the relevance of key concepts and applying the sociological imagination.
    • Understand the role of theory in sociology and how to apply key concepts of sociological inquiry in social analysis.
    • Understand the role of evidence and quantitative and qualitative research methods in sociology and to be aware of ethical issues of research.
    • Think critically by distinguishing between arguments based on empirical evidence and arguments based simply on opinion; identify underlying assumptions in theoretical orientations or methodological approaches; and examine one's own cultural practices, beliefs, and values.
    • Write clearly (or make a presentation) in order to communicate sociological content by writing an account of a social event, topic, issue, or problem in a clear and concise sociological analysis or writing a clear and concise report of the findings from empirical sociological analysis.
    • Be prepared for entry-level positions in their chosen fields or for admission into graduate programs.

    B.A. Sociology Requirements: (36 credits)
     SO 101 Introduction to Sociology - 3 credits
    AN 222 Cultural Anthropology - 3 credits
    SO 235 Inequality and Social Problems - 3 credits
    PY 203 Statistics I - 3 credits
    SO 307 Sociological Theory - 3 credits
    AN 360 Qualitative Research Methods - 3 credits
    SO 405 Senior Seminar I - 3 credits
    SO 450 Senior Seminar II - 3 credits
    Any Four Sociology Electives - 12 credits

    Students are encourages to select a complimentary area of study (minor or second major) in consultation with their faculty advisor.

    Requirements for a Minor in Sociology
    Required Courses (18 credits):
    SO 101 Introduction to Sociology - 3 credits
    SO 235 Inequality and Social Problems - 3 credits
    Any four Sociology Electives*  - 12 credits

     * In consultation with department chair.