One Hundred and Thirty-Five Degrees Awarded by Saint Vincent College at December Commencement

by Public Relations | Dec 20, 2016

One hundred and thirty-five students were awarded bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degrees by President Br. Norman W. Hipps, O.S.B., in a traditional public ceremony which recognized the completion of their degree studies at the 12th annual December commencement ceremony of Saint Vincent College on Saturday, Dec. 17, in the Robert S. Carey Student Center. Jane Werner, executive director of the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, was honored with the conferral of an honorary doctor of humane letters and was the principal speaker.


Presiding over the academic exercises was the Very Rev. Earl J. Henry, O.S.B., Prior of Saint Vincent Archabbey. The invocation was also given by Fr. Earl. The Benediction was given by Fr. Killian Loch, O.S.B., Director of Campus Ministry. Dr. John J. Smetanka, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Academic Dean, was Master of Ceremonies.


Graduates are grouped below according to their hometown and zip code. The degree awarded and the major area of study follow each name.



ACME (15610)                                    – Nicholas Burrell, B.S., Management, Magna Cum Laude

– Devin Wallace, M.S., Management: Operational Excellence


ALLISON PARK (15101)                    – Carissa Huston, M.S., Nurse Anesthesia


ALTOONA (16601)                             – Colleen Shields, M.S., Nurse Anesthesia


AVELLA (15312)                                 – Madison Zappi, B.A., Communication


BELLWOOD (16617)                                     – Matthew Jenkins, B.A., Criminology, Law and Society


BERLIN (15530)                                 – Kayla Stockenus, B.A., Communication, Cum Laude

– Jessica Whitacre, M.S., Nurse Anesthesia


BROWNSVILLE (15417)                    – Rachel Wohar, B.S., Accounting, Summa Cum Laude


CHESWICK (15042)                          – Brandon Chamberlain, M.S., Management: Operational Excellence


CONNELLSVILLE (15425)                 – Melissa Dillman, M.S., Management: Operational Excellence


CRABTREE (15624)                          – Justin Trumbetta, B.S., Finance and Accounting, Cum Laude


DONORA (15033)                              – Alexander Schwartz, B.S., Engineering Science and Philosophy, Summa Cum Laude

– John Jackson, B.S., Psychology


DRAVOSBURG (15034)                    – Michael Palcsey, M.S., School Administration and Supervision


EBENSBURG (15931)                       – Lynzy Ponchione, M.S., Nurse Anesthesia


EXPORT (15632)                               – Dennis March, B.A., Mathematics and Engineering

                                                            Ulrike Sauer-Voigt, M.S., School Administration and Supervision


FAYETTE CITY (15438)                    – Corissa Krempasky, B.A., Criminology, Law and Society, Magna Cum Laude


FLINTON (16640)                               – Evan Schirf, B.S., Computing and Information Science


GIBSONIA (15044)                            – Christopher Lusnak, B.S., Accounting


GLENSHAW (15116)                         – Alex Kline, M.S., Management: Operational Excellence


GREENSBURG (15601)                    – Lance Chapman, M.S., Health Services Leadership

                                                            – Alexander Davis, B.S., Accounting

– Fabio Flesik, B.S., Middle Grade Education, Cum Laude

– Mara Greiner, M.S., Management: Operational Excellence

– Appolonia Leake, B.A., Communication, Cum Laude

                                                            – Sarah O’Hearn, B.S., Bioinformatics

– Emmett Perry, B.S., Management

– Steven Saunders, M.S., Special Education

– Gregory Stull, B.A., Communication

– John Telford, M.S., Management: Operational Excellence

                                                            – Jason Williams, M.S., Nurse Anesthesia


HARRISBURG (17112)                     – James Kuniega, B.A., Politics and Theology, Summa Cum Laude


HARRISON CITY (15636)                 – Joshua Torock, B.S., Psychology


HOMER CITY (15748)                       – Michael Panchik, B.S., Finance


HUMMELSTOWN (17036)                – Cameron Robinson, B.S., Computing and Information Science


INDIANA (15701)                               – Justin Hood, B.S., Psychology


IRWIN (15642)                                    – Lindsey O’Donnell, B.S., Finance


JEANNETTE (15644)                         – Shane Anderton, B.S., Engineering Science

  – Sheri Binda, M.S., Counselor Education

– Christian Sirnic, M.S., Curriculum and Instruction

– Joshua Garris, B.S., Management


JEFFERSON (15344)                        – Charlyne Adams, B.A., English


JOHNSTOWN (15904)                      – Austin Keith, B.A., Philosophy


LATROBE (15650)                             – Taylor Adams, B.S., Early Childhood Education

– Darren Anderton, B.S., Finance

– Jacob Beck, M.S., Nurse Anesthesia

– Kaley Burkardt, M.S., Special Education

– Murat Calikan, M.S., Nurse Anesthesia

– Dylan Deglau, B.S., Environmental Science

– David Edwards, M.S., Nurse Anesthesia

            – Lou Ann Forish, Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia Practice

– Yin Guo, B.S., Computing and Information Science

                                                            – Bradley Lau, M.S., Nurse Anesthesia

                                                            – Derrick Molnar, M.S., Counselor Education

– Ronald Petrunak, M.S., Health Services Leadership

– Blake Pulver, M.S., Nurse Anesthesia

                                                            – Jaylynn Surma, B.S., Marketing, Cum Laude

                                                            – David Taylor, M.S., Nurse Anesthesia

                                                            – Shea Taylor, M.S., Nurse Anesthesia

– Boone Thomas, M.S., Nurse Anesthesia

– Brandon Wiser, B.S., Management



LIGONIER (15658)                             – Jennifer Cramer, M.S., Counselor Education

– Danielle Jackson, M.S., Management: Operational Excellence


LOWER BURRELL (15068)               –Cheri Falcon, M.S., Counselor Education


MCDONALD (15057)                         – Derek Yanosick, B.S., Marketing


MONROEVILLE (15146)                   – Christina Radzevick, M.S., Nurse Anesthesia


MOUNT PLEASANT (15666)            – Amy Rega, M.S., Nurse Anesthesia

– Michael Uhrin, M.S., Management: Operational Excellence


NATRONA HEIGHTS (15065)          – Eric Bengel, B.A., History, Cum Laude

                                                            – Seth Tonet, Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia Practice



NEW CASTLE (16101)                      – Matthew Linebaugh, B.S., Accounting


NEW KENSINGTON (15068)            – Frank Perriello, M.S., Management, Operational Excellence


NEW WILMINGTON (15672)            – Ryan Crawford, B.A., Communication


NORTH HUNTINGDON (16142)      – Ryan Auld, B.S., Marketing

– Kaura Bassegio, B.S., Marketing, Cum Laude

                                                            – Matthew DeMaio, B.S., International Business

                                                            – Kevin Miklos, B.A., Mathematics and Engineering

                                                            – Ariel Shasko, M.S., Management: Operational Excellence

                                                            – Jonathan White, B.A., History


PITTSBURGH (15202)                      – Susan Heppenstall, B.S., Marketing

(15211)                       – Daniel Sonntag, M.S., Nurse Anesthesia

(15212)                       – DeWayne Newman, B.A., Communication

                         (15214)                       – Laura Kawalich, M.S., Nurse Anesthesia

(15217)                       – So-Min Huang, M.S., Nurse Anesthesia

                         (15218)                       – Ryan Matelan, B.A., Communication

 (15220)                       – Christopher Tallon, Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia Practice

 (15226)                       – Christina Folino, B.S., Early Childhood Education

 (15228)                       – Tracy Rush, B.S., Psychology

                         (15229)                       – Stuart Russell, M.S., Nurse Anesthesia

                         (15237)                       – Justin Pichora, B.A., Communication

                         (15239)                       – Chelsi Al-Khenaizi, M.S., Nurse Anesthesia

– Joseph Bacarella, M.S., Nurse Anesthesia

(15241)                       – Patricia Darocy, M.S., Nurse Anesthesia



RENFREW (16053)                            – Robert Swartwout, B.S., Management


ROCKWOOD (15557)                       – Faith Hemminger, M.S., Curriculum and Instruction


RUFFS DALE (15679)                       – Adam DeMarchi, B.S., Computing and Information Science


SALINA (15680)                                 – Katelyn Sieczkowski, M.S., Management: Operational Excellence


SOMERSET (15501)                                     – Jessica Hemminger, M.S., Curriculum and Instruction

– Noah Hemminger, B.S., Mathematics and Engineering, Magna Cum Laude

– Kelsey Caitlin Lloyd, M.S., Curriculum and Instruction


SAINT MARYS (15857)                     – Anna Wingard, B.A., Mathematics and Engineering


SEWICKLEY (15143)                         – Justin Connolly, B.A., Philosophy


STATE COLLEGE (16801)                – Samuel Morris, B.A., Mathematics and Engineering, Summa Cum Laude


TRAFFORD (15085)                          – Alyssa Ivanco, M.S, Special Education


VENETIA (15367)                               – Reid El-Attrache, B.A., Mathematics and Engineering


VERONA (15147)                               – Sarah Ellenberger, B.S., Early Childhood Education


WASHINGTON (15301)                     – Andrew Gregg, M.S., Nurse Anesthesia


WHITNEY (15693)                             – Ryan Steed, M.S., Nurse Anesthesia


YOUNGWOOD (15697)                    – Jocelyn Hawk, M.S., Counselor Education





PHOENIX (85044)                              – Rachel Riebold, M.S., Counselor Education


LARGO (33770)                                 – Stephen Loud, Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia Practice


MIAMI (33186)                                    – Jose Estevez, M.S., Counselor Education


OCOEE (34761)                                 – Jaylon Bell, B.S., Management




ATLANTA (30349)                              – LaToya Wise, Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia Practice




BALTIMORE (21239)                         – Dwayne Brown, B.A., Communication


MILLERSVILLE (21108)                     – Diana Costanzo, B.A., Spanish, Magna Cum Laude


WESTMINSTER (21157)                   – Dylan Adams, B.A., Criminology, Law and Society





BRAINTREE (02184)                                     – Maria Vaz, Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia Practice





HAMPTON (08827)                            – Katherine Bieler, B.A., Mathematics and Engineering


MAGNOLIA (08049)                           – Ali Doukali, B.A., Communication





ONEIDA (13421)                                – Collin Laguzza, B.S., Management





CORTLAND (44410)                          – Samantha Case, B.A., Economics


DOYLESTOWN (44230)                    – Elizabeth Scroggins, B.S., Early Childhood Education


MOUNT GILEAD (43338)                  – Courtney Hill, M.S., Nurse Anesthesia, Award for Academic Excellence


TORONTO (43964)                            – Jenna Shimmel, M.S., Nurse Anesthesia


WESTERVILLE (43081)                     – Sravanthi Sylada, M.S., Management: Operational Excellence


NORTH BEND (97459)                      – Angelina Hubert, Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia Practice



BUNKER HILL (25412)                      – Donovan Bregg, M.S., Nurse Anesthesia


MASONTOWN (26542)                    – Sarah Hinnant, M.S., Nurse Anesthesia


MORGANTOWN (26505)                  – Jacob Hendrick, M.S., Management: Operational Excellence

–Loren Metzner, M.S., Nurse Anesthesia

WHEELING (26003)                           – Jenna Koliscak, M.S., Nurse Anesthesia



NANJING JIANGSU                                  – Muyang Li, B.S., Accounting


QINGDAO SHANDONG0                       – Shanshan Luan, B.S., Finance





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