Physics Faculty Publish, Students Awarded Assistantship, Summer Research Grant

by Public Relations | May 18, 2017

May 18, 2017

Dr. M. Anis MaizeDr. M. Anis Maize, Saint Vincent College professor of physics and chairperson of the physics department, and Dr. John J. Smetanka, vice president for academic affairs and associate professor of physics, published an article which will appear in the European Journal of Physics later this year.

The article is titled “Electric polarizability in the three-dimensional problem and the solution of an inhomogeneous differential equation."

“This work presents a novel approach to calculating how a realistic three-dimensional quantum mechanical system responds in the presence of an electric field,” Smetanka commented.  “Dr. Maize has championed this particular method of solving difficult problems traditionally not accessible to undergraduate students.  Using this method along with symbolic mathematics software, these illustrative situations are now approachable and understandable at the undergraduate level.  He has published a number of papers with collaborators in both the American Journal of Physics and European Journal of Physics.”  This is the second paper in which Dr. Maize and Dr. Smetanka have collaborated.

A student of the physics department has also been active this spring.  Mary J. Yeckley of Greensburg, who was awarded a bachelor of science degree in physics on May 13, will be attending the University of Maine in the fall to pursue a Ph.D. in Physics.  She has been awarded a teaching assistantship which provides a full scholarship along with a stipend to cover living expenses.  She will be teaching undergraduate students at the University.

Joseph Marcinik of Latrobe, a sophomore physics major, has been awarded an opportunity to pursue astrophysical research this summer at UCLA with Dr. Tuan Do.  He will be working with data from the Keck telescopes to explore the central region of the Milky Way to understand the stellar population and star formation history around the supermassive black hole at our galaxy’s center.


PHOTO: Dr. M. Anis Maize


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