Communication Department Displays Business Cards of Alumni, Motivates Current Students

by Public Relations | Sep 15, 2017

Sept. 15, 2017

avid Safin at the Saint Vincent College Business Card Challenge

Saint Vincent College’s communication department initiated the “The Business Card Challenge” this past summer and received 87 business cards from 69 alumni of Saint Vincent College which are currently on display in Prep Hall, the location of the communication faculty offices and classrooms.

David Safin, assistant professor of communication at Saint Vincent College, initiated the challenge as a way to show students concrete evidence of success after college.

“One of the things I do in my classes is have alumni come in and talk about their journey to their job,” Safin explained. “Usually, they give me a business card.  I was cleaning out my desk and found all of the ones I have saved and I thought it would be cool to display them. I took a short video of myself proposing the idea and posted it to the communication Facebook page. I got a very positive reaction from alums who I know and don’t know; everyone was very pleased to be a part of it.”

The communication department Facebook page has a following of current and past students and professors as a means of staying in contact.

“I know the anxiety of the college student,” Safin continued,” so I thought if I displayed this illustration of these successful people in different fields and showed them [current students] how well they [alumni] are doing, they would be encouraged.”

Safin noted that several alums sent more than one business card, representing progression and growth in their fields.

“I was blown away by their titles: doctors, entrepreneurs, presidents and vice presidents,” Safin said.  “A base in communication at a liberal arts college allows people to go on and do a variety of things.”

The graduates represent the fields of advertising, public relations, digital marketing, hospitality, broadcasting, journalism, technology, web design, graphic design, sports information, athletic administration, photography, videography and higher education.


Photo: David Safin at the Saint Vincent College Business Card Challenge


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