SVC Students Volunteer Service at Welcome Home Shelter

by Publish Relations | Oct 25, 2017

Twenty-three Saint Vincent College students went to Welcome Home shelter in Greensburg to participate in an experiential educational exercise in incarnational spirituality on Oct. 24.

The students are enrolled in Christian Spiritual Writing, a theology class taught by Dr. Helene Paharik, lecturer of theology at Saint Vincent College. The class interacted with the children who reside there to create Halloween crafts and treats, and several students performed the chores of the adult residents of the shelter, enabling them to engage in the HalloweeHalloween Craftsn crafts and candy festivities as well.

Some students assisted in creating “wands” out of pretzel sticks, melted chocolate and decorations while others helped the children decorate Halloween bags and create foam bats, witches and ghosts.

Paharik commented that the students “exuded compassion and reverence, offering friendship and fun to the children currently residing at the shelter.”

Welcome Home is an emergency shelter in Greensburg serving homeless women, children and families.


PhotoSVC students work on Halloween craft with children.


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