Bearcat Light Brigade Spreads Holiday Cheer

by Public Relations | Nov 14, 2017

Nov. 15, 2017

Bearcat Light Brigade

Members of the Saint Vincent College Student Government Association once again took charge of decorating the college campus with Christmas lights for the upcoming Founders’ Day celebration.

Each year, SGA continues a tradition of decorating Melvin Platz and adjacent outdoor areas of the Robert S. Carey Student Center as part of the Bearcat Light Brigade. The executive board chooses a design and buys any necessary materials so that the entire senate can help implement the design.

“The senate has about 55 members, but a group of about 15 members have been very instrumental and have put in hours of work,” said SGA president Claire Jackman. “We have also had some great members of the student body stop and ask how they can lend a hand.”

This year, the Bearcats decorated the Carey Student Center with tube lights and wreaths, while also adding candy canes strung with icicle lights and arches at each branch of the sidewalks in Melvin Platz.

The Bearcat Light Brigade has been setting up decorations in preparation for the Founders’ Day celebration on Nov. 16, when the decorations will be lit. The decorations will be up through the remainder of the semester and through the holiday season.

“We truly want the students to have a beautiful and brightly lit campus on Founders’ Day!” said Jackman.


Photo: Saint Vincent College SGA students help to decorate Melvin Platz for Founders’ Day and Christmas. Left to right: William Culver, John Casto, D.J. Hough and Juliana Ruggiero.


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