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  • Integrated Language Studies

    Saint Vincent College is proud to announce our Integrated Language Study Program (English as a Second Language - ESL). The purpose of the program is to develop academic and general English skills.

    This program is intended for students who:

    • are planning to enroll in academic programs at Saint Vincent College or other colleges in the US
    • wish to improve their general ability in English
    • are already accepted into an academic program but wish to gain some additional language skills

    Fall 2016 Semester Schedule 

    August- December

    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday
    ESL-001 Reading
    ESL-002 Note Taking and Listening
    ESL-003 Grammar
    ESL-004 Speaking & Discussion
    ESL-005 Writing 

    ESL 308 Advanced Speaking and Writing III

    Program Costs

    $912 per course/per semester
    $4,560 for the intensive program per semester

    Students are eligible to take one or more classes, or the full-day intensive program. Individual courses will cost $912 each, and the full intensive program (which includes ESL 001-005) at the cost of $4,560 per semester.

    Students may reside in campus housing (housing is based on availability) and purchase campus meal plans.

    On-Campus Housing Costs

    $2,692 - $3,430 (double occupancy) per semester
    $3,191  (single occupancy) per semester

    College Meal Plan

    $2,334-$2,566 12 meals-19 meals per week for the entire semester

    To Apply:

    1. Complete the ILS Application.
    2. Enclose any TOEFL or IELTS scores.