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  • Excellent, Challenging and Supportive Programs

    Saint Vincent College provides excellent undergraduate and graduate programs that prepare students for their next steps in life and to make meaningful contributions to society. Each student at the College has a faculty advisor who serves as a guide and sounding board as he or she plans a course of study and explores extracurricular experiences such as opportunities for research or creative work and internships. For those students who are undecided, a specially-trained faculty advisor helps shape each student’s experiences so an informed choice can be made before the junior year.

  • Did You Know?
    • Many of our students study abroad each semester in various countries including, Australia, Italy, Ireland, England and Spain, to name a few.
    • Our six-year graduation rate is 73%.
    • Ninety-six percent of those responding to a survey of the Class of 2014 were employed in their fields or in graduate school.