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  • The Center for Northern Appalachian Studies

    The Saint Vincent College Center for Northern Appalachian Studies seeks to document the heritage of the multi-faceted region of Northern Appalachia using the tools provided by a variety of disciplines and community-oriented projects.

    The center works to enable students and faculty to learn across the whole spectrum of human experience through interdisciplinary study and participation in fieldwork. Simultaneously, members of the off-campus community (local, state, national, and international) collaborate with us at every level in collecting, preserving, relating and interpreting their pasts and experiences.
    Because of various and significant connections and relationships between the Saint Vincent Community and the people of Western Pennsylvania, we consider Western Pennsylvania to be the primary but not the exclusive field for our study of Northern Appalachia.

    The Center for Northern Appalachian Studies has also released several publications that provide insight and information on topics such as World War II oral histories and aviation in Western Pennsylvania. All publications are available for purchase at the Saint Vincent College Bookstore.

    For further information on the Center for Northern Appalachian Studies, please contact:
    Dr. Richard David Wissolik, Director
    Rev. Warren Murrman, OSB, Associate Director
    Rev. Wulfstan Clough, OSB, Associate Director

    Donate to the Center Online!

    If you wish to make an online donation to the Center, please click here and fill out the required information on the first page. Click "Continue," and then answer the question "Where would you like your gift to be used?" by clicking on the down arrow next to the space "Current Operations" and choosing "Other." To designate your gift to the Center, please type ‘Center for Northern Appalachian Studies’ in the text box.


    For more information about publications available for purchase, or publications in progress, please visit the Bookstore or contact Dr. Richard David Wissolik.