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Posted: Tuesday Jul 17, 2012

July 17, 2012

The safety of everyone on the Saint Vincent College campus is always on the mind of Steve Brown, director of public safety, especially during the Steelers summer training camp because of the presence of players, coaches, news media, and thousands of fans every day.

“The Steelers’ permanent and temporary staff manage the day-to-day procedures that direct visitors to the proper parking area,” noted Mr. Brown. “But the Saint Vincent public safety staff is always ready to assist when unexpected questions or emergencies arise.” As in the past, there will be no charge for admission to the Saint Vincent campus and no charge for parking.

Surprisingly, worry about severe weather is one of the biggest challenges. “Thunderstorms can roll into this area very quickly and we are always watching weather reports so we will know immediately when a warning or watch is issued by the National Weather Service. When visitors are notified, it is important that they immediately seek shelter or return to their vehicles, especially if there is potential for lightning strikes.”

Saint Vincent College’s location is an asset when temporary parking is needed for up to 5,000 vehicles. “The fields surrounding campus provide a convenient parking area for two to three thousand cars,” Mr. Brown noted, “so when weekend crowds can be up to 10,000 persons, there is sufficient parking available. We never turn anyone away.”

Mr. Brown reminded first-time visitors that they are welcome to bring folding chairs and picnic baskets with them but that dogs and other pets, barbeque grills and alcohol are not permitted anywhere on campus.

The Public Safety Office also responds to medical incidents and other emergencies. “Sprained ankles, bloody noses and fainting do occur and every effort is made to contact the appropriate emergency responder to provide treatment or transport,” Mr. Brown concluded.


Photo: Steve Brown 


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