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Forty-two Teachers Receive Saint Vincent College Great Teacher Award

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Posted: Wednesday Jan 16, 2013

Jan. 16, 2013

Forty-two high school teachers in six states have been recognized this year by the Saint Vincent College Great Teacher Recognition Program “for excellence in teaching that provides a positive and enduring influence on students.”

In letters of congratulations to the selected teachers, College President Br. Norman Hipps, O.S.B., thanked the teachers for “making a difference” in the personal and intellectual development of their students. “Teaching is a wonderful profession and Saint Vincent College recognizes the important role teachers play in the development of youth,” Br. Norman stated.

Included in the recognized teachers are eight graduates of Saint Vincent College: Kathleen Chirdon, C’09; Patrick Hassler, C’00; Jon Mains, C’02, G’04; Mike Palcsey, C’08; Anthony Perla, C’76; Robert Saveikis, C’94; Rebecca Snyder, C’96; and Renee Stallings, C’90.
The honored teachers were nominated by former students who are now freshmen at Saint Vincent College. The honorees, listed below according to the city where their high school is located, are as follows:

CUMBERLAND - Leonard Cage, Bishop Walsh High School

COPLEY - Matt Young, Copley High School

ATHENS - Lois Wolfe, Athens Area High School
BADEN - Mike Palcsey, Quigley Catholic High School
BUTLER - Gregory Collins, First Baptist Christian School
CONNELLSVILLE - Kim Fleck, Connellsville Area High School
- Jennifer Furjater, Connellsville Area High School
- Shelly Hann, Connellsville Area High School
CRESSON - Tim Whited, Penn Cambria High School
DAVIDSVILLE - Rodney Kendig, Conemaugh Township Area High School
DERRY - Anthony Perla, Derry Area High School
DUBOIS - Kate Kunkle, DuBois Central Catholic High School
ELIZABETH - Kathleen Vasko, Elizabeth Forward High School
GREENSBURG - Tammy Lyons, Greensburg Salem High School
- Denise Valerio, Hempfield Area High School
HOLLIDAYSBURG - Lynette Luke, Hollidaysburg Area High School
INDIANA - Peggy Eyer, Indiana High School
KITTANNING - Cindy Mantini, Kittanning High School
LATROBE - Kelly Echard, Greater Latrobe High School
- Jon Mains, Greater Latrobe High School
- Robert Saveikis, Greater Latrobe High School
- Rebecca Snyder, Greater Latrobe High School
- Renee Stallings, Greater Latrobe High School
LIGONIER - Al Gaiardo, Ligonier Valley High School
MCKEESPORT - Cara DeSalvo, Serra Catholic High School
- Kathy Sigg, Serra Catholic High School
MOUNT PLEASANT – Scott Giacobbi, Mount Pleasant Area High School
NATRONA HEIGHTS – Patrick Hassler, Highlands High School
NEW BRIGHTON - William Lamb, New Brighton Area High School
NEW KENSINGTON – Jennifer Nix, Northern Westmoreland Career and Technology Center
NORTH HUNTINGDON – Lori Anselmino, Norwin High School
PITTSBURGH - Katie Chirdon, Seton- La Salle High School
- Thad Merriman, Mount Lebanon High School
- Jean Ann Streiff, Oakland Catholic High School
SALTSBURG - Mary Jo Fadden, Saltsburg High School
SPRING CHURCH - Julianne Opalka, Apollo-Ridge High School
YORK - Peg Allton, York Catholic High School
- Sister Gilmary Beagle, York Catholic High School

WOONSOCKET - Carol Smith, Mount Saint Charles Academy

LEESBURG - Barry Blair, Tuscarora High School
- Kari Urbanz, Tuscarora High School

MORGANTOWN - Richard Kyer, University High School


PEG ALLTON – Quote from former student Julia Hlavacik: “To this day, I still find myself comparing every English teacher who teaches me to my tenth grade British Literature teacher, Mrs. Allton. In that humble tenth grade literature class, I learned to look at literature in a whole new way. I am now an English major at Saint Vincent College and I attribute that in no small way to my class with Mrs. Allton.”
Additional Information: Mrs. Allton teaches British Literature at York Catholic High School.

LORI ANSELMINO – Quote from former student Amanda Traficante: “Mrs. Anselmino uses her knowledge and love for biology to teach her students and help them understand the complex concepts of biology. She inspired me to love biology and love learning in that class, and the whole class became a family because of her.”
Additional Information: Mrs. Anselmino has been teaching at Norwin High School for 19 years and has taught Biology and AP biology. Also, she is the senior class advisor and is involved with the community’s youth football.

SISTER GILMARY BEAGLE – Quote from former student Conor Sterling: “Sister Gilmary was one of the greatest and most inspiring teachers I have ever had the good fortune of being taught by. Not only did she exhibit a talent for connecting with her students (despite being a six-and-a-half-foot-tall nun), but she truly cared about her subject and was driven by her desire to share the knowledge she possessed.”
Additional Information: Sister Gilmary teaches Honors World Literature at York Catholic High School.

BARRY BLAIR – Quote from former student John Meyerhofer: “Mr. Blair was not just a teacher; he was a mentor as well. Apart from his normal teaching duties, he was the advisor to our senior class ipso facto. In this unofficial role, he provided us with plenty of useful pieces of advice for college and afterward, all of which I have found to be true as I go forward through life. Mr. Blair is a good example of the high standard that all teachers should strive to achieve.”
Additional Information: Mr. Blair teaches English 11 Honors and AP Literature at Tuscarora High School and was the senior class advisor for ipso facto.

LEONARD CAGE – Recognized by former student Greg Hendershot.
Additional Information: Mr. Cage teaches Geometry and Physics at Bishop Walsh High School.

KATIE CHIRDON– Quote from former student Marisa McAndrews: “Ms. Katie Chirdon is a young, energetic, and passionate educator who makes her class a fun and entertaining place for learning. Her passion for teaching and molding the minds of her students is what makes her a successful and effective teacher in the community. She is the best math teacher I’ve ever experienced and I have yet to be shown that there is a better teacher out there.”
Additional Information: Ms. Chirdon teaches AC Functions/ Pre-Calculus at Seton- La Salle High School.

GREGORY COLLINS – Quote from former student Ganjofarid Anvarzod: “Mr. Collins is a teacher of extraordinary intelligence and knowledge. His life has been richly embellished by various experiences; therefore he has a great understanding of not only the subjects he teaches, but as well as connecting with students on a personal level. Even though his amazing qualities enabled him the easy opportunity to work somewhere else, being a humble servant of God he chose to teach at First Baptist Christian School, for which I am very grateful.”
Additional Information: Mr. Collins has been teaching at First Baptist Christian School for 37 years. He has taught English, History, and Bible classes, including Honors classes. Also, he was the 2012 senior class advisor and is the international exchange student coordinator.

CARA DESALVO – Quote from former student Natalie Onufer: “She shows a desire to make us want to learn. Ms. DeSalvo made me and many others love science and want to do something in the medical field. I learned more from her than I’ve learned from any other teacher because she made me want to learn and understand. She had a way to make science so interesting. She was also the athletic trainer and took the best care of each one of us and is just a great person to be around.”
Additional Information: Miss DeSalvo has been teaching at Serra Catholic High School for six years. She has taught Biology, Advanced Biology, Anatomy, and Physiology.
Quote from school principal, Tim Chirdon, “In addition to Ms. DeSalvo’s outstanding performance in the classroom, she is the Athletic Trainer for all of our sports teams.”

KELLY ECHARD – Quote from former student Jessica Vittone: “Even though I only had Mrs. Echard for one year during school, she definitely stands out above the rest of my teachers. Her constant motivation, her sense of humor, her ability to teach and explain things, and her willingness to help, really made me feel like I could always go to her for anything I needed. School related or not, I knew she would be there to help to the best of her ability. I would like to thank her for that!”
Additional Information: Mrs. Echard has been teaching at Greater Latrobe Senior High School for seven years. She has taught Probability and Statistics, Trigonometry, Academic Geometry, and AP Statistics.

PEGGY EYER – Recognized by former student Michelle Smith.
Additional Information: Ms. Eyer has been teaching at Indiana High School for 33 years. She has taught Government, Criminal Law, Civics, American History, Presidents, Elections, and Comparative Economics and Government. She is the senior class advisor, mock trial sponsor, History Day, chaperone, and all-around great support person of the school community. Also, she is involved with the Graystone Church and choir, is a Confirmation teacher, Sunday School teacher, Life member, and Girl Scout Leader. In a quote from school principal Wade L. McElheny regarding Ms. Eyer’s awards, he says: “Ms. Eyers’ gracious modesty precludes her from mentioning such items. However, it is because of her sincere, humble nature that I endorse her fully for such recognition.”

MARY JO FADDEN – Quote from former student Nathaniel Porter: “Ms. Fadden is a talented and committed music educator. She is responsible for the musical well-being of students in grades 6 through 12, and Saltsburg Middle-High School is lucky to have her. She is flexible to the needs of each individual student and has cultivated the growth of numerous exceptional musicians.”
Additional Information: Ms. Fadden teaches Band and Chorus at Saltsburg High School.

KIM FLECK – Quote from former student Kyli Stoner: “I am nominating Mrs. Fleck because she is truly an outstanding teacher and person. I had her for history in tenth grade, and that is when I was inspired to major in history. She pushed me to do my best in whatever I do. I’ve kept a relationship with her after these years because she has made such an impact on me. Because of her, I have been pushed to follow my dreams and to follow in her footsteps.”
Additional Information: Mrs. Fleck has been teaching at Connellsville Area High School for 15 years. She has taught U.S. History, U.S. History II, and AP U.S. History. Also, she is involved with the Upward Bound Program.

JENNIFER FURJATER – Quote from former student Patrick Hiles: “I am nominating Miss Furjater because she was such a help in understanding Biology and life. Whenever my class had questions about anything, she would answer them to the best of her abilities.”
Additional Information: Miss Furjater has been teaching at Connellsville Area High School for 12 years. She has taught Advanced Biology and AP Biology.

AL GAIARDO – Recognized by former student Ellen Boller.
Additional Information: Mr. Gaiardo teaches at Ligonier Valley High School and has taught AP Government.

SCOTT GIACOBBI – Quote from former student Taylor Nitkiewicz: “Mr. Giacobbi has made such a positive impact on my life. He is an inspiration not only as a teacher, but as a coach and by his contributions to our nation and our community. He deserves this award more than anyone I know.”
Additional Information: Mr. Giacobbi has been teaching at Mount Pleasant Area High School for 17 years. He has taught Social Studies and AP Macroeconomics as well as coached the girls’ varsity basketball team. He is active in the military and is a participant in the U.S. Army War College.

SHELLY HANN – Recognized by former student Sara Laws.
Additional Information: Mrs. Hann has been teaching at Connellsville Area High School for 17 years. She has taught Web Development, Microsoft PowerPoint, Business Management, Principles of Management, and Professional Marketing.

PATRICK HASSLER – Quote from former student Ashlee Snyder: “Mr. Hassler is a very influential teacher in all aspects. I learned so much from him. Not only did I learn academics, but I also learned how to study and apply myself. Mr. Hassler constantly pushed me academically to do my best. He also really made an effort to get to know all the people in my class. He is the type of person that wants you not only to get a good grade but succeed in everything you do. Mr. Hassler really made me the student I am today. I am so thankful for all that he has taught me.”
Additional Information: Mr. Hassler has been teaching at Highlands High School for eight years. He has taught Honors World Cultures, Into to Psychology/ Sociology, and U.S. History. Mr. Hassler is a member of the SAP/ Focus Team, which works to develop relationships with struggling students. Also, he is a member of the Teacher Reward/ Recognition Committee that serves to recognize the positive contributions of the staff.

RODNEY KENDIG – Quote from former student Victoria Maher: “Mr. Kendig deserves to be acknowledged for his abilities. As a former student I can say that I will never forget the concepts he instilled in our class, like the value of studying and a reality check to the ways of our collegiate futures. Conemaugh Township is very lucky to have Mr. Kendig be the one to shape the many minds he teaches.
Additional Information: Mr. Kendig has been teaching at Conemaugh Township Area High School for 36 years. He has taught Statistics, Geometry, Algebra, Consumer Math and Calculus. Also, he is the faculty advisor of Conemaugh Township.

KATE KUNKLE – Recognized by former student Daniel O’Connor.
Additional Information: Mrs. Kunkle has been teaching for 40 years at DuBois Central Catholic High School. She taught English Literature, AP English, Advanced Topics, and Drama. She is the Student Council Advisor, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, United Way Coordinator of the school, and a teacher at Butler County Community College. Also, she is a lector at St. Catherine’s of Siena, is in the Eucharistic Ministry and is on the Public Library Board. She is a recipient of the Benemerenti Medal given in the name of Pope Benedict XVI by Bishop Donald Trautman in October 2006 and was awarded Walmart Teacher of the Year in Fall 2008.

RICHARD KYER – Quote from former student Sarah Riffon: “Mr. Kyer was the very first person to show me that I have a love for writing. He deepened my reading and analytical skills as well. In addition, he was always there for any spiritual guidance in my life. His bright smile always made my day better!”
Additional Information: Mr. Kyer teaches at University High School and has taught AP English.

WILLIAM LAMB – Quote from former student Julian Whalen: “Mr. Lamb always provided quality education to me and my classmates in the area of mathematics. Without a doubt, there is no way that I would have the understanding and knowledge of mathematics that I do today without his guidance and teaching. Not only did Mr. Lamb teach me and others the material, he showed us how to use it, how to understand it, and how to apply it. Mr. Lamb is undeniably the greatest influence to me in my study of mathematics, and the appreciation deserved for him goes far beyond any recognition he earns, but is shown in the way his students are able to achieve.”
Additional Information: Mr. Lamb teaches at New Brighton Area High School and has taught Honors Trigonometry/ Pre-Calculus, Honors Calculus, and AP Calculus AB.

LYNETTE LUKE – Quote from former student Aaron Burger: “Mrs. Luke is an amazing Chemistry teacher! All of her explanations concerning difficult, college-level Chemistry concepts were crystal clear. She never hesitated when I needed help with a problem or a concept. We took a College in High School course through The University of Pittsburgh, and she drove us to Pittsburgh for labs and our final exam. Overall, Mrs. Luke is an amazing teacher and really connects with her students in order to explain difficult concepts.”
Additional Information: Mrs. Luke has taught at Hollidaysburg Area High School since 2005. She taught Chemistry I, Honors Chemistry I, Honors Chemistry II, and Advance Placement Chemistry. She is a National Honor Society Advisor, a Chemistry tutor, an Upward Bound Chemistry Teacher, a cross country coach, and a track and field coach. Also, she is a Promise House volunteer, helped to organize a benefit yard sale for the Sherry Hammel Family, did bell ringing with the Red Kettle Campaign (part of NHS), and a Safe Trick or Treat volunteer. She was awarded a Frostburg University Chapter of Phi Eta Sigma Certificate of Appreciation for Promotion of Academic Excellence and Leadership in 2009, Hollidaysburg Area School District Foundation Grant Winner in 2008, and Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers in 2006-2007.

TAMMY LYONS – Quote from former student Nick Maxson: “I have nominated Mrs. Lyons because she has influenced my life and the lives of many others very much. Without her we would not have such a deep understanding and ability to speak Spanish. Thank you!”
Additional Information: Mrs. Lyons has been teaching at Greensburg Salem High School for about 25 years. She has taught all levels of Spanish from Spanish I to AP Spanish, then Spanish VI and FLES. She sponsors the Spanish club and chaperones student trips to Spanish- speaking countries. Mrs. Lyons and the World Language Department at Greensburg Salem have earned numerous awards, both for instruction and for students’ performances.

JON MAINS – Quote from former student Seth Shick: “Mr. Mains was a very nice and friendly teacher, just a generally nice person with whomever he helped. He was always nice with me when I needed his help in class and helped me to become more serious with my work.”
Additional Information: Mr. Mains has been teaching at Greater Latrobe Senior High School for nine years. He has taught Academic Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Algebra IB, and Academic Algebra II. Also, he is the girls’ tennis coach, the boys’ tennis coach and a volunteer sponsor for HS ski club.

CINDY MANTINI – Recognized by former student Jared Campbell.
Additional Information: Mrs. Mantini teaches at Kittanning High School and has taught Chemistry I.

THAD MERRIMAN – Quote from former student Jason Vater: “Mr. Merriman was the teacher who inspired me to become a history teacher myself. He made me realize how much I love history and that I can teach it to others.”
Additional Information: Mr. Merriman teaches at Mount Lebanon High School and has taught U.S. History.

JENNIFER NIX – Quote from former student Gregory Love: “I had Jennifer Nix for three hours a day for three years and got to see all that she does for her students. Even though she has a busy schedule she goes above and beyond in managing clubs and events for the benefit of the students. She also helps students individually with anything from academics to some advice.”
Additional Information: Mrs. Nix has been teaching at Northern Westmoreland Career and Technology Center for ten years. She teaches Computer Programming and is also the Skills USA advisor. She helps with the Food Bank Drive, Toys for Tots, and Career Day at various elementary schools. Mrs. Nix was awarded Advisor of the Year Skills USA.

JULIANNE OPALKA – Quote from former student Ben Carnahan: “Mrs. Opalka is an outstanding teacher who doesn’t simply desire students to apply themselves to their academics, she demands it. Her fun-loving and easy-to-talk-to nature will ensure that every student who passes her class will be successful in the next step of their educational career. Without the guidance and assistance from her through high school, I am confident I would not be where I am today. Because of her devotion and dedication to teaching, Mrs. Opalka is indeed a great teacher.
Additional Information: Mrs. Opalka teaches at Apollo-Ridge High School and has taught AP Biology, Chemistry I and Advanced Chemistry.

MIKE PALCSEY – Quote from former student Ray Schroeder: “Mr. Palcsey was a great teacher and role model to me. He has left a mark on my life and actually persuaded me to go to Saint Vincent College. We continue to be friends as he teaches my brother in high school.”
Additional Information: Mr. Palcsey teaches at Quigley Catholic High School and has taught American Literature and English Literature.

ANTHONY PERLA – Quote from former student Michael Almasy: “Mr. Perla is by far the most personable and approachable teacher in school. He is always available for help and comment with any issue. Overall, he is just a great teacher who is easy to get along with.”
Quote from former student Cara Krinock: “Mr. Perla was always so passionate about what he was teaching. He was willing to put in extra time to make sure the students succeeded. More importantly, he always took the time and care to get to know each student as an individual.”
Additional Information: Mr. Perla teaches at Derry Area High School and has taught AP European History, Senior History, and Criminology and Law.

ROBERT SAVEIKIS – Quote from former student Rabia Uddin: “Mr. Saveikis is an amazing teacher who has impacted my future in law. The nature of his classes was designed to open the students’ minds to real world issues. He would always reach out to every individual’s needs and act as a motivator. I will always carry the skills I learned in his classes with me.”
Additional Information: Mr. Saveikis has been teaching at Greater Latrobe High School for 11 years. He has taught Current Issues, World Cultures, Global Studies, and AP Human Geography. Also, he is the former girls’ basketball coach.

KATHY SIGG – Quote from former student Julianne Bartko: “I consider the entire Serra faculty as my family and Mrs. Sigg is no exception. In class, she always made sure every student thoroughly understood the lesson and spent extra time outside of class to help students without hesitation. During difficult times, she knew how to make someone laugh and put a smile on their face. She is one of the reasons why Serra students understand Geometry Proofs and why Serra has become a second home to its students. Thank you Mrs. Sigg!”
Additional Information: Mrs. Sigg teaches at Serra Catholic High School and has taught Geometry and Calculus.

CAROL SMITH – Quote from former student Danielle Guindon: “Mrs. Smith is a phenomenal teacher who drives all of her students to excellence. Her dedication and enthusiasm serve as an inspiration for each and every student in her classes.”
Additional Information: Mrs. Smith has been teaching at Mount Saint Charles Academy for eight years. She has taught AP European History, AP Government and Politics, and United States History. Also, she is a NHS moderator, Model Legislature moderator, and class moderator.

REBECCA SNYDER – Quote from former student Jessica Kissel: “Mrs. Snyder solidified my love for English and was a strong influence in my decision to become an English teacher like her. She has inspired me to be a better person and take the lessons I learn from literature and apply them in everyday life. I could not have asked for a better way to end my senior year of high school than taking her AP Literature class!”
Additional Information: Mrs. Snyder has been teaching at Greater Latrobe Senior High School for 15 years. She has taught Academic English, AP English Literature and Composition and Film Media. She was the former PA State Teacher of the Year.

RENEE STALLINGS – Quote from former student James Singer: “Mrs. Renee Stallings acted as not only a teacher, but also an advisor to me throughout all years of my high school career. Acting as the publications advisor, I experienced her unique and individualized teaching style in both her Multimedia Journalism I class as a sophomore and her Multimedia Journalism II course (workshop course which created bi-weekly newsmagazine/updated online website) as a junior and senior. Throughout, as the days, months and years passed, she immensely assisted all students and in not only academics, but also helped us to foster and develop our true passions in life. Through her teaching and guidance, I soon realized, too, my passion, which would ultimately lead me to my current major of communication at Saint Vincent College, journalism and writing. With that said, however, it is still difficult to put into words the impact she has had on my life, my career and my character. As editor-in-chief of the publication during my senior year, I truly became the leader that Mrs. Stallings had observed in me from first meeting me my sophomore year. Her knowledge, guidance and personality helped me to develop academically, but also more deeply as a true person and leader. Though it was bittersweet to close one chapter of my life at Greater Latrobe and move on from high school, I find contentment knowing that Mrs. Stallings will continue to impact, inspire and bring passion to current and future students, just as she did for me.”
Additional Information: Mrs. Stallings has been teaching at Greater Latrobe High School for 14 years. She has taught Academic English, Multimedia Journalism I and Multimedia Journalism II. Also, she is the faculty advisor for the school newspaper and magazine.

JEAN ANN STREIFF – Recognized by former student Bridget Synan.
Additional Information: Mrs. Streiff teaches at Oakland Catholic High School and has taught Honors World Literature, AP English and CE Public Speaking.

KARI URBANZ – Quote from former student John Meyerhofer: “Mrs. Kari Urbanz is a hard-working and dedicated teacher who instilled in me a love for chemistry and the desire to learn more about it. The high expectations she placed on us as a class led us to strive harder to meet those expectations. As a result of her leadership, I grew as a student and obtained a detailed understanding of the field of chemistry.”
Additional Information: Mrs. Urbanz teaches at Tuscarora High School and has taught Chemistry and AP Chemistry.

DENISE VALERIO – Quote from former student Fabio Flesik: “Mrs. Valerio is an outstanding teacher because she has the ability to connect with her students in a manner that not only teaches them in a fun and creative way, but also paves their path for future success. Lessons learned in her classes go far beyond what the curriculum calls for.”
Additional Information: Mrs. Valerio teaches at Hempfield Area High School and has taught AP English 11.

KATHLEEN VASKO – Quote from former student Sarah Ank: “I am nominating Mrs. Kathleen Vasko as a great teacher because she not only taught me many things relevant to my future studies at Saint Vincent College, but she also taught me leadership skills through my involvement in Student Government.”
Additional Information: Mrs. Vasko teaches at Elizabeth Forward High School and has taught Business and Personal Law as well as supervising the Student Government Association.

TIM WHITED – Quote from former student Jordan Conrad: “Mr. Whited is a very down-to-earth and informative teacher. He made it easy to relate to his material and allowed for class discussions to prosper. Not only did he help to expand my mind throughout my time in high school, but he also made it fun to come to class and left my classmates and me with many great memories.”
Additional Information: Mr. Whited has been teaching at Penn Cambria High School for 25 years. He has taught U.S. History I, U.S. History II, Advanced U.S. History II, Advanced European History, Government and Economics and Honors Government. Also, he is the coach for track, football and basketball and he supervises mock elections.

LOIS WOLFE – Quote from former student Bruce Stropko: “Mrs. Wolfe is a devoted teacher who successfully prepared us for the next step, college. The AP Chemistry course is arguably the most difficult course that the district offers. My classmates and I who opted to take the challenge benefited incredibly. Mrs. Wolfe taught like many of my professors at Saint Vincent College do, which made the transition to college that much easier.”
Additional Information: Mrs. Wolfe teaches at Athens Area High School and has taught AP Chemistry.

MATT YOUNG – Quote from former student Henry Signore: “I am nominating Mr. Young for this award because I feel that if I hadn’t been one of his students, I would have missed out on a lot. He was always the smart, yet funny teacher all of us have had before, and because of that, I learned a lot more than I would have with any other teacher.”
Additional Information: Mr. Young has been teaching at Copley High School for 17 years. He has taught Chemistry, AP Chemistry, Honors Chemistry, Physics, and AP Physics. Also, he has coached cross country, track and football. Mr. Young is currently an assistant principal at Copley High School.


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