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Theology Professor Publishes Book, 'Understanding Jesus'

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Posted: Friday Sep 13, 2013

Sept. 13, 2013

Dr. Christopher McMahon, associate professor of theology at Saint Vincent College in the School of Humanities and Fine Arts, has authored a new book, Understanding Jesus: Christology from Emmaus to Today, that is being published by Anselm Academic in Winona, Minn.

“The belief that Jesus solves the problem of sin grounds Christian theological reflection,” McMahon commented. “Understanding Jesus focuses on this conviction as it surveys the landscape of contemporary Christology using approachable language that clarifies the complexities of contemporary discussion without ‘dumbing down’ the material. Three areas focus the book’s presentation. First, the book examines the so-called ‘low-ascending’ approach to Christology and offers an overview of historical Jesus research, its promise and its limitations. Second, the book provides an overview of the Christological tradition including the development of Christology from the New Testament through the first four ecumenical councils as well as an overview of traditional language used to articulate the saving significance of Jesus’ death and resurrection. The third section of the text treats the crisis of credibility within an increasingly diverse and post-Christian world, including the importance of ideological critiques of the Christian tradition as well as the challenges and opportunities presented by religious pluralism. Understanding Jesus provides an overview of the contemporary Christological scene in order to help students engage the debates going on around them.”

“The book is a substantial revision of an earlier textbook on Christology published in 2007 by Anselm Academic, Jesus Our Salvation,” McMahon continued. “This earlier version of the book was adopted by instructors from a variety of institutions across the country. The revision hopes to meet the needs of an even wider audience.”


Photo: Dr. Christopher McMahon 


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