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Computer Users Warned about Email Scams

Public Relations
Posted: Friday Dec 16, 2011

December 16, 2011

Area residents should be aware that, especially around the Holidays, email scammers will send phishing attacks to try to get computer users to give them information which they can then use to steal your identity,” Saint Vincent College Chief Information Officer Peter Mahoney said today.

“They will use social engineering techniques (pretend they are somebody or an organization that they are not, such as a bank, IRS, phone company, etc.) to con you into clicking on a link or into providing personal information over the Internet,” Mr. Mahoney said.

“Be cautious of which emails you open, links you click on, and/or attachments you download,” he added. “It could cause you to lose personal information, your password, and possibly get a virus on your computer.”

Mr. Mahoney encouraged computer users to check with their service supplier if they have any questions about the validity of an online request.