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Posted: Tuesday Feb 7, 2012

February 7, 2012

Dr. Sara Lindey, assistant professor of English at Saint Vincent College, will be honored at the American Literature Association conference in San Francisco, California, May 24-27 with the presentation of a $500 second place award by the ProQuest/Research Society for American Periodicals (RSAP). She is being honored for having written the best article on American periodicals by a pre-tenure faculty member or independent scholar published in a peer-reviewed academic journal during 2011.

The article that won the award, “Boys Write Back: Self-Education and Periodical Authorship in Late-19th Century American Story Papers,” was published in American Periodicals (21.1).

Susanna Ashton, president of RSAP, reported that judges William J. Hardwig, Ellen Gruber Garvey and Eric Gardner, “were excited by Dr. Lindey’s close work with story papers and 'boy culture' in the 19th century. They praised her essay’s archival components and especially her deep attention to questions of readers and communities."

The author provides the following abstract: “Late-19th century boys’ periodicals were powerful places of self-education. In digesting readers’ engagement with 1870s-90s boys’ periodicals Boys of New York and its scion Happy Days, this essay examines boys’ and girls’ letters, submissions and various contest entries. Their words and exchanges with periodical editors showcase the tension between reading and writing to help elucidate who these 19th century readers were and how they imagined themselves as writers. Two types of reader/writers emerge: contributors and correspondents. Both sets of readers use the story paper as a technology of the self. Contributors use their poems, stories and letters to break into literary work and develop themselves as professional writers. On the other hand, correspondents elicit advice about such professions as telegraph operators and clerks that show their labor to standardize themselves.”


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