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Posted: Monday May 14, 2012

May 14, 2012

Fr. Richard Frechette, C.P., D.O., a priest, physician and missionary who has been referred to as The Mother Teresa of Haiti, told more than 350 graduates, and their parents and friends at Saint Vincent College May 12 that as graduates of Saint Vincent and beneficiaries of the ancient Benedictine monastic tradition, their lives should be directed to the service of the most needy in the world.

“The people of Haiti have shown time and time again that when you have lost everything but faith, hope and love, you still have everything,” he said.

“It is the deep inner faith that bends the floodwaters of tragedy into life-giving rivers of life,” he said. “It is what can make any ordinary person great, even heroic. It is what can help us get up over and over again, stronger and more determined. It is resurrection, the hidden power of the soul, gift of the Risen Lord.”

“As graduates of Saint Vincent College, and beneficiaries of the ancient Benedictine tradition, let your brilliant, sharp and well-trained minds be now set at the service of these truths. Do not seek truth only with your mind but with your inner heart and your deep gut.”

Saint Vincent College in Latrobe (Westmoreland County) held its 166th annual commencement ceremony for graduates who received bachelor’s or master’s degrees in a traditional public ceremony marking the completion of their studies.

Fr. Frechette, who has served thousands of impoverished children and orphans for more than three decades at a hospital he founded in Haiti, was the principal speaker and was recognized by Saint Vincent College president Brother Norman Hipps with an honorary doctor of humane letters degree.


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